Installation Issues - debug assistance

Hello All

I have just run up a new OpenMRS install on a ubuntu 16.04 box. the install when very smoothly (as I’ve done before). All seems normal except when i try and create a new user. when i do the following i get the error below:

from Admin Panel >> Manage Users >> Add User >> Create a new person {next} >> Error


An error has occurred! The following error happened somewhere on this page:

(The full error stack trace output is in the source of this page.)

I have attached the Jetty Log Jettylog.txt (41.8 KB)

Thanks Norv

Are you able to reproduce this on

After a quick glimpse at the code, seems to me like it’s a bug but as @dkayiwa asked, are you able to reproduce this on

I am going to reinstall from scratch and log the whole lot, I’ll try and replicate the error. Thanks for the responces

Hello All,

Well I have been able to replicate the error, I started from a clean install and run through the Documentation as perfectly as possible. As promised I logged the entire setup from scratch and provided screen shots - files are below,

I’d appreciate any assistance with working out what might be the issue.

If we can work out what the falt is i am happy to update the Documentation



Is this something wrong with your database how do you know that the actual person is being created? Are you using the standard Sample database and if so are any errors created when you launch the database?

Hello Oliver,

Thanks for your questions, no I am using the standard demo database, I don’t think that there is any errors with it. my install screen looks like this so i think that everything is ok?



@oliebolz are you able to reproduce this on

Seems to only be my build, I think that I will go with the SDK build as this documentation seems to be lacking something.

thanks for all your help