Ideas: Look and Feel Framework for Reference Application

Hello everyone, and welcome back from the Uganda Implementor’s Conference, which was very exciting. As part of the forward motion for the Reference application, I would like to open this discussion on the look and feel for the reference application going forward.

In order to avoid this discussion turning into a discussion of available frameworks, I would like to focus this question on the following requirements:

  1. Mobile First approach

  2. Support for font awesome (we don’t want to lose the existing icons do we now)

  3. Minimal extra markup required to achieve styling

  4. Integration with data tables and JQueryUI? (not sure)

  5. Skin/Theming support for OWAs

  6. Support for Angular components (I am assuming that these are the future going forward)

  7. Ease of use by designers/non-developer implementors

  8. HTML5 support

In the same breath I am thinking implementation wise along the following:

  1. How will the form builders, Xforms & HTML form entry be updated to the new look

  2. What is the migration path from the current Ref App styling to whatever is selected

Does Twitter Bootstrap meet this need, what else is out there? UI & UX designers and users please do come and help out here


Before even thinking about look and feel, i would love a reference application that has all the legacy UI functionality. That is a point where implementers would stop going to “System Administration”, then “Advanced Administration”, to access what the reference application does not offer.

To be forward looking, we would reimplement all this remaining functionality via HTML/CSS/JavaScript/REST. This would ensure that our REST API is as all encompassing as possible.

When this is said and done, i would now turn my attention to this! :smile:

@dkayiwa actually the two are not mutually exclusive.

The remaining legacy UI functionality is the best starting point to implement the selected UI framework and best practices

Material design for Twitter Bootstrap?

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