Ideas for the Upcoming OpenMRS Hackathon 2018

Hey Everyone!

As we prepare for the upcoming OpenMRS18 Conference, one of the key exciting activities during the conference will be the Hackathon. We plan to have an exciting event and in preparation for this we are looking to you, the community to provide ideas and problems that could be hacked during the hackathon event.

Kindly post your ideas in this conversation string. Looking forward to seeing some great ideas!



What is the timing of the hackathon (before or after the conference)? And how long will the hackathon be? Those two points would influence the ideas suggested.

“The OpenMRS hackathon is scheduled for one day, on Saturday December 8th.” from Announcing the 2018 Kenya OpenMRS Community Meeting!

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Since it is one day, i think we can just work on some tickets that will be available by then and also initiate the new members that will be interested to join the openmrs team of developers /implementers/community .