Announcing the 2018 Kenya OpenMRS Community Meeting!

On behalf of the entire OpenMRS community, we are thrilled to announce the 2018 OpenMRS Implementers’ Conference (#OMRS18) will be hosted in Nairobi, Kenya in association with HELINA 2018 (#HELINA2018), the biannual meeting of the Pan-African Health Informatics Association.

Our hosts, the Kenya Ministry of Health, the Kenya Health Informatics Association (KeHIA – and the OpenMRS Kenya Community have organised a planning committee over the past few weeks, and they have set up regular planning meetings with the OpenMRS Events Team to ensure this is a world class event.

Both events are running concurrently. The HELINA event runs from Monday December 3rd to Wednesday December 5th and the OpenMRS Conference runs from Tuesday December 4th until Saturday December 8th. The OpenMRS hackathon is scheduled for one day, on Saturday December 8th.

As the planning process unfolds, we’ll update with more information.

We know there’s considerable interest in this event, and we’ll do our best to answer every question you have well in advance so you can prepare to attend this year’s conference. If you are interested in helping support the event, let us know by sending email to

If you have any questions on HELINA, please send this through to and if you have any queries on the OpenMRS conference please send these questions to and copy

We look forward to seeing all of you soon!


@paul thanks for the info

Hello friends, am inquiring, could have the registrations started? since am not seeing any link to registration form in'+Conference

Thank you

@ejustine, The link will be provided later on today. However, there will be a delay in providing the link to the ticketing system. We will keep the community posted via the various communication channels.

Thank you.

Thank you @christine for the update

@christine thanks for the clarification. I was just thinking hard what was the essence of opening the registration when the form is not available?

@jwnasambu, the wiki is now appropriately updated.

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Thanks dear you are so swift