Ideas for the 2018 OpenMRS Conference Hackathon

(Herbert Yiga) #1

Kindly post your ideas for the openmrs Hackathon on this thread!

(mona saleh) #2

all ideas from the “think tank” of the attached book :slight_smile:

(Herbert Yiga) #3


Hi i have not got what you mean

(mona saleh) #4

@ Herbert Yiga Hi, I mean that the hackathon helps add ideas that are not currently in OpenMRS, but can help improve OpenMRS in the future editions. And the attached book contains what we can adapt as ideas that can help improve OpenMRS, even if the ideas are not all in the current edition of OpenMRS.

(mona saleh) #5

One of the discussions would be: does the software help improve the process, or does it replicate the process no matter how high quality it may be or less than high quality it may be :slight_smile:

(Herbert Yiga) #6

As i cannot see the attached book

(mona saleh) #7

this book :slight_smile: كتاب عيون الأنباء في طبقات الأطباء.pdf

(Antony Ojwang) #8

I have had separate discussions with @mseaton and @mogoodrich on what it entails to have a generic and improved flowsheet functionality in OpenMRS. You can refer to this talk for more information.

I would recommend this topic for the upcoming conference hackathon.

(Herbert Yiga) #9

thank let me check up that thread

(Nicholas Ingosi) #10

Can you find an English version of the resource you are sharing? NOT all can read arabic