Ideas for the 2018 OpenMRS Conference Hackathon

Kindly post your ideas for the openmrs Hackathon on this thread!

all ideas from the “think tank” of the attached book :slight_smile:


Hi i have not got what you mean

@ Herbert Yiga Hi, I mean that the hackathon helps add ideas that are not currently in OpenMRS, but can help improve OpenMRS in the future editions. And the attached book contains what we can adapt as ideas that can help improve OpenMRS, even if the ideas are not all in the current edition of OpenMRS.

One of the discussions would be: does the software help improve the process, or does it replicate the process no matter how high quality it may be or less than high quality it may be :slight_smile:

As i cannot see the attached book

this book :slight_smile: كتاب عيون الأنباء في طبقات الأطباء.pdf

I have had separate discussions with @mseaton and @mogoodrich on what it entails to have a generic and improved flowsheet functionality in OpenMRS. You can refer to this talk for more information.

I would recommend this topic for the upcoming conference hackathon.

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thank let me check up that thread

Can you find an English version of the resource you are sharing? NOT all can read arabic


Hi @SolDevelo;

One of the hackthon proposed topic is to finalize what is pending on Sync2 Project which has a potential use in Kenya, do you see this possible? what is pending? what do developers need to start contributing to the project?

cc @wanyee @raff @kmurumba @ekirapa @eddiemu

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Hi There @ningosi

Please join us at our next Project Management Meeting call on Monday 26Nov to hear from the Sol Develo team and how one could get involved.

Please visit the OMRS callendar for details on the timings.

More information is also provided here:

@c.antwi the time on the calendar is still misleading.

The FACES program would like to implement the sync module for their KenyaEMR deployment. We have done this for the OpenMRS implementations with success but Sync module does not seem to work with KenyaEMR. This is an important module for our near future EMR deployments as we are in the process of gearing up for KenyaEMR scale-up to multiple health facilities. We current have KenyaEMR in 10 facilities and we need to resolve the sync module issue before we scale up. We are banking on the hackathon to sort us out. Thanks.

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this sounds good

Hi @eddiemu, The current work that is being done with regard to sync2 is only compatible with 2.x openmrs platform, the agenda was to push for the remaining tasks to be completed for use. What is your plan to upgrade kenyaEMR to run on OpenMRS 2.x?, alternatively, we can work towards making sync2 compatible with 1.x during this hackthon if time allows, but it would be better to just upgrade for your case. Thanks

@aojwang, are there plans to upgrade KenyaEMR to 2.x platform?

It would be useful to have a version that is compatible to 1.x. I believe KenyaEMR has over 300 installations countrywide and they are all running on 1.x platform (@aojwang please confirm). Have a sync module that works for the current installations could have a huge impact on how the organizations using KenyaEMR can easily consume their data.

Hi Edwin. Sorry for the late response. We had planned to move to platform 2.x unfortunately we couldn’t meet all the demands due to time. Nevertheless, we target to have that as soon as possible after our current work on 1.12.x

Hello all,

We planned to add OpenMRS 1.X support in sync2 module based on request from Mozambique - Sync2 Testing Report. However, this request seems to be outdated. If there is still a requirement for other projects like KenyaEMR, I think that it can be useful.

We’ve already created tickets for this epic - In my opinion it is a good feature for hackathon.

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