Ideas for the 2018 OpenMRS Conference Hackathon

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(Nicholas Ingosi) #21

There is a huge requirement for this still, even in Mozambique, they are still on OpenMRS 1.11.x and sync is key. In KenyaEMR, they really need that for their sites synchronization. Yes, this will be one of the hackthon items. Are you at the conference we catch up and discuss this?

(Kamil Madej) #22

Thanks for information. Solomon Simba from PATH is on the conference. You can try to catch him.

(Nicholas Ingosi) #23

I just revised the ideas that we can discuss and agree on them this friday here

(Nicholas Ingosi) #24

@dkayiwa @mseaton can you coodinate the data exchange bit? @mogoodrich and @SolDevelo you have been mentioned to lead on items in this years hackthon @christine there the revised list. Am planning to have a short discussion after the conference, agree on few things, split into groupd and then start working