Ideas for tasks that aren't listed

Hello, I’m fluent in both Polish and English and I see the translations of documents into PL is practically non-existent. I expect many more participants will know their home language and English to a greater extent so translation-type tasks might be something to consider. A con of this would be that the HUGE size of some file might be to large to complete for one person and they might become discouraged. Thoughts? Apertium sets 500 words per task

Another proposal: To find and add articles to I think a place where all tutorials and how-to articles are aggregated will be very beneficial. Also all tutorials that are made during GCI should be added here as well.

Question: If we find an interesting project in JIRA/Wiki that we think we could contribute to but isn’t in Melange or GCI-JIRA, whom should we contact?

@enymuss I think writing it as a new Google Code-in topic is a good idea, but we will need to discuss it with all the mentors and see if it gets added as a task in melange. That might take a few weeks to get in and we would not like for you to wait and be stuck on one task. Once we have that task in melange, you could go ahead and claim it. Does that answer your question satisfactorily?

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Yes, It does answer my question. Thank you.

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