Ideas for #OMRS18 Unconference Sessions

Suggest topics you’d like to discuss during the meeting here.

Our schedule and venue allows for about 30 unconference 1-hour sessions. Even if you don’t have ideas for sessions to suggest in mind, please take a moment to browse sessions being suggested below and “like” (click the heart) any suggestions that you would like to attend. You may get some ideas for new topics from seeing others’ suggestions.

Please include a title, a short description, who might be interested in the topic, what people should expect to get out of the hour-long discussion, and who you think might be a good facilitator (can be yourself or may be others). Putting “####” in front of your title will highlight it in your post.

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TOPIC: IDI experiences in upgrading and maintaining UgandaEMR (OpenMRS distribution) versions in High Volume Health Facilities (~250 patients per day)

Who Might be Interested: Health professionals who deal with high Volume facilities

What People should expect: Upgrade steps, Challenges and solutions in high volume facilities upgrades (from one version to another) as well as data migration, Human resource management, reporting etc

Facilitators: Benjamin Tirwomwe & Edison Katuunguka


OpenMRS Technical Roadmap Workshop and finalization of the same.

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TOPIC: Demoing OpenMRS CD 3 aka ‘OCD3’ image

Short description: Continuous Delivery on OpenMRS and Bahmni, how to achieve the end-to-end cycle. Example with a custom Bahmni distro.

Who might be interested: Any groups or individuals that manage OpenMRS/Bahmni implementations, whether Cloud-based or on premises ; and that are looking for tools to make this simpler, more systematic and more reproducible based on a distribution model and framework.
DevOps who want to sleep tight before and after production deployments.

What people should expect to get out of the hour-long discussion: Hopefully to become an adopter of OCD3 and grow the community of practice and development beyond Mekom.

Facilitator: @mksrom


Improving community engagement , progression, growth and recognition processes/ framework review

Short Description: A review of the current progression, and growth opportunities within the OpenMRS community. Is there room for improvement? How do we create a sustainable pool of core developers (level 4/Level5 ) that can support implementations?

Who might be interested: Community members interested in building capacity and a pipeline of devs who can support OpenMRS implementations.

What people should expect to get out of the discussion: A set of action points for the community manager and technical project manager to action on .

Facilitators: @c.antwi


New UI for Reference Application

Implementations rely on the Reference application to provide customizable UI’s for your needs. Recommended is to watch this YouTube video for background to this discussion

Who might be interested: Implementers who are building UIs for their implementations

What people should expect: Immediate next steps for a UI refresh - focusing on workflows, forms and dashboards. How do we start?

Facilitators: @ssmusoke, @mseaton/@mgoodrich (PIH), @jdick/AMPATH, @darius/Bahmni team


Point of Care Implementation - Experiences and Advice

We are looking to implement a point of care & retrospective data entry solution in UgandaEMR in 2019, and are looking to hear from those who have done it who to do and what not do to?

Who might be interested: Those who have implemented and are maintaining point of care solutions, and those who plan to

What might people expect: Practical experience with Point of care solutions and learnings for planning your own

Facilitators: @ssmusoke/@slubwama, AMPATH team, PIH team, Bahmni team?


Terminology Management - Getting from Point of Care to Reporting/Analytics

Concept dictionary management is a challenge for everyone. Understanding the principles of good dictionary curation, along with ensuring accurate and reliable data collection, reporting and analytics, is required for successful implementations. Learn about principles of terminology management and tools that are available to help you be successful, including the CIEL dictionary.

Who might be interested: Anyone who as implemented and are maintaining OpenMRS or other health information systems

What might people expect: Overview of CIEL, OCL and good terminology management practices

Facilitators: @akanter/@ball/KenyaEMR?


You read my mind I really to know this.

Improving Security on OpenMRS Especially on the API Level

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OpenMRS Radar

We have not updated the OpenMRS Radar in 2018. We could use a unconference session to review & update the radar data. Any developers or technical implementers with experience & opinions about the message our community should be sending regarding the adoption or retirement of programming languages, modules/distributions, platforms, or standards/conventions are encouraged to join.

Facilitators: @burke/@mogoodrich