Ideas for OMRS17 Lightning Talks

Our lightning talks are the perfect way to share an idea or topic to all conference participants in a fun, rapid-fire way. These concise presentations are intended to grab the audience’s attention, and convey what you want people to learn more about within 5 minutes. You are welcome to share any topic you want, but be prepared to do it within the time allotted! If you’d like to learn more, check out this video for some hints and tricks. If you’re ready to join the fun, please submit your proposed lightning talk topic below!

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#### Introducing the Whirlygig Module

I’ll present the new module we have developed and describe our road map for new features.

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PIH EMR Updates

A brief update on functionality that has been added to the PIH EMR (an OpenMRS distro) in the past year, with an emphasis on functionality that either we’ve added to the Ref App (and is therefore available to Ref App users) or functionality that is ripe to “harvest” into the Ref App codebase.

Will be presented by @ddesimone and/or myself.


How to contribute to OpenMRS

Do you want to contribute to OpenMRS? Not sure how or where to begin?

In this talk we’ll explore the different ways in which you can get started with the OpenMRS, discuss the skills you need to get started and learn the best ways to get your first Pull Request accepted.


endTB and the endTB EMR (Bahmni Distro).

A quick introduction to the endTB project and the endTB EMR. We’ll have a demo session later that shows the functionalities of the endTB EMR.


APZU (Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo) EMR

APZU EMR is Partners In Health’s OpenMRS distribution in Neno District in Malawi. We will describe some key reports used for clinical care – Integrated Chronic Care Clinic (IC3), Community Health Workers (CHW), TRACE, and missed appointments.

(Presented by APZU team)


Partners in Health, Rwanda demonstrating the PIH Data Warehousing capability using Pentaho, MySQL, and PowerBI for up to date clinical outcomes, process indicators, and quality. This information is visualized and filtered for program leaders to explore how their program vary over time, space, and program.


What we did for the infrastructure community this past year

I’ll show how our infrastructure changed, what are we working on, and how are we improving it.

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Introduction to mUzima

We’d like to give an introduction to the mUzima for Health Providers mobile app. We’ll have a demo session later that shows features and functionality of the mobile app.