IDEA!! module owners could participate in Hacktoberfest

Hello, OpenMRS community & module owners!!

I request all module owners whose modules are hosted on their GitHub accounts(not under openmrs org) to participate in Hacktoberfest and resolve your outstanding issues/features. I feel this is a good time to act and make your module issueless and freebrand it too. This could also possibly bring more volunteers to the community. :slight_smile:

Thanks to @r0bby for sharing regarding hacktoberfest on talk

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Love this idea! Not sure what is on the current dev team’s priorities, but maybe it’s a month we could work in a sprint for some openmrs modules on github that everyone could participate in? @burke and @darius?

You have to make pull requests, not commit directly.

Although we’re eligible to participate (because our code is on github, and people can send PRs), the hacktoberfest page’s link to “browse more projects on github” specifically looks for projects whose issues are on github (whereas OpenMRS keeps ours in JIRA).

So, yes, module owners (and openmrs core) can participate in Hacktoberfest, but I imagine we’d only get contributions based on our own advertising, i.e. we should be doing that all the time anyway…

@janflowers, I don’t understand what you’re suggesting. Everyone is always welcome to contribute to OpenMRS modules on github, and this is supposed to be our Business As Usual! Are you suggesting we pick a handful of modules and advertise a sprint on them?

My comment is irrelevant now that I understand it has to do with PR’s not issues being hosted on github. Ignore. :slight_smile: