ID Dashboard UI/UX improvement ideas

Does anyone have anything that they find annoying about the OpenMRS ID Dashboard site/pages? Things you would change? Please mention them here.

All of your thoughts and feedback on these pages are extremely helpful and important, because you use these pages frequently.

I am a designer, and I’m going to be putting together some recommendations for improving the user experience of these pages, and your ideas will help very much.



I’ve got one thing that I’ve seen troublesome, but it may not be very common.

If someone wants to change their account’s primary email address and make the previous one a secondary email address, there are some strange error messages unless you do it “just right”. So that’s one thing that can be improved probably, at some point.

What other annoyances have people found with the dashboard?

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Actually, about that: I’ve designed a new email address interface, since the current one is pretty clunky. It’ll be there when @plypy and I deploy ID Dashboard v2.0, and should (hopefully) help alleviate this little pain point.

Here’s a topic I just put up describing how it works.

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Cool, this is definitely a hack in the right direction! :thumbsup:

Take a look at these wireframes I’ve put together on the Wiki to streamline the user flows and improve the UI layout of the ID Dashboard.

Comments/feedback for making these better are definitely encouraged of all of you! I have included annotations and questions within the wireframes, but wanted to specifically call out:

  • The welcome message/billboard. Right now I’m suggesting keeping your current “getting started” tips, but only displaying it to new users, continually showing it until they manually turn it off once accomplished. Is this a good UX idea? What other billboard content would be appropriate for more experienced users?
  • "Username" or “OpenMRS ID”? What is preferred? Either way, but should be consistent.

Also, the “Dashboard - Home/Explore” mockup content/layout is still in progress. It will contain quick links to the major community destinations just as it currently does, just with some improvements.


Actually for the password reset page, if user forget his OpenMRS ID, he can use any of his emails to get the password reset email. And he’ll know his OpenMRS ID in that.

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Does the OpenMRS ID come in the password reset email, regardless of if the user enters email address or OpenMRS ID in the form?

Yes, OpenMRS ID or any email he added.

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I think “OpenMRS ID” is preferred—does that sound okay with everyone? Either way I’ll create a ticket to make all the occurrences consistent.

I agree, except in circumstances where you’re talking specifically about the “OpenMRS ID” consisting of both a “user name” and password". This should be rare.

I added comments to @hannah’s wireframes as bullet points below each mockup on the wiki page. I would encourage everyone else to do the same—these wireframes an awesome first step.

@michael or @hannah , how would you suggest we write tickets for these UI improvements, once we’ve determined what to implement?

As for creating JIRA issues to track implementation, I’d divide it into user stories for each major UX activity (sign in, view dashboard, sign up, forgot password, etc.). Include the mockups as relevant in those story issues. Then create sub-tasks as needed for smaller components of the story.