ID Dashboard 2.1.0 has been released!

We are now running Version 2.1.0!

Lots of changes internally. UI has been revamped. Special thanks to the GCI 2014 students whom contributed to the UI revamp significantly! This work is of course based on work done by @elliott, whom I can’t not acknowledge. Much of the design was mocked up by him and @hannah.

@plypy is the real superstar here. :heart: Great work on his part. The bulk of the design is his. He completed this during GSoC 2015 under my mentorship. @dmytro.trifonov also contributed asynchronous error handling in the frontend code.

The GCI 2014 students are: @cshah, @heidi, @cwclasses, @izaron, @st3ph, @parkererway. We chose to take parts of all contributions at the time.

If you would like to see the changes that were made for this release, see:

See any issues? Experience a bug? Contact our help desk.


Thanks so much for that, this was a hard one!

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You shouldn’t have to restart it – BUT if you see it not running – you’ll want to investigate why.

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Thanks to every one mentioned to have take part in this! And thanks @r0bby for taking this forward! :slight_smile:


@r0bby after outage and everything worked :slight_smile:

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Pretty much. [quote=“chagara, post:7, topic:10064”] @r0bby after outage and everything worked :slight_smile: [/quote]

Pretty much