HTML Form Entry - Changing the Date Time Picker

@mseaton @mogoodrich I am looking to change the date time picker to a more modern one, have you looked into this, any advice on how to achieve this. Any ideas you have looked into over time?

@ssmusoke as you wait for a response from @mseaton @mogoodrich @darius, do you have any in mind? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the ping @dkayiwa, was on my to dos to respond, but I hadn’t gotten to it yet… :slight_smile:

@ssmusoke it’s something we’ve thought about, but have not put any time into at this point–though it would be nice to have one consistent datepicker across the reference application.

HTML Form Entry basically generates the code to render the Date picker in DateWidget, so , theoretically, it could be as simple as updating that code. Practically, I think it will be more challenging, however as one will need to modify all the utility functions that interact with the datepicker in htmlformentry,js. I also fear that there may be other places that need to be updated as well.

We’ve also need to be careful as this would be a change that could touch lots of places, and potentially break forms for implementers that do custom interactions with the date picker via javascript.

Take care, Mark

We’re having a graphical date picker come up on Android tablets which we’d like to get rid of, in preference of the MMDDYYYY one. Date of Birth entry slow/impractical on tablets

@ouiliam if the graphical widget allowed text entry (I forget if it does) would that be enough?

That would be enough, it currently doesn’t accept text entry.