How to release an Open Web App (OWA)

Hi everyone, I am looking to release an open web app, and I have been unable to find appropriate documentation on how to do that, I was able to go through the concept dictionary release talk, and I noticed the owa .zip file was hosted on Bintray, how do I become part of the OpenMRS organization on bintray? All appropriate links about releasing an OWA are welcome. Thanks.

That is probably because that documentation doesn’t exist yet. I’d recommend proposing a first draft of the release process, and trying to get some feedback from the @dev5 group.

Okay @pascal, I’ll take a shot at this and create a draft document.

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Hi @pascal, I have created a draft wiki HERE, I am still unclear about the hosting part. What do you think?

I think community-supported OWAs should be hosted under the OpenMRS Bintray org, and should be uploaded by CI. For other OWAs, I think hosting on Bintray or just publishing on GitHub is fine.

@raff is publishing the Concept Dictionary OWA to Bintray using Travis, which seems like a decent process to me. I’m not sure how Bintray team permissions work though, so I don’t know how best to grant publish permissions.

Let’s see what other feedback we get.

@raff do you have any feedback for this page?