How to record the death of a patient in OpenMRS 2x & RefApp 2x?

In LegacyUI we have option to enter that patient is dead and also enter the reason. but do we have UI option in RefApp 2x to record the death of a patient?

Are you looking for this? Mark Patient as Dead @slubwama did you finish this?

@hpardess, one way to do this in RefApp 2.x is by writing an HTML Form for recording the patient’s death, using the markPatientDead tag.

It would be great to add a simple “Death Certificate” form to the next RefApp release. (@ssmusoke?)

A few years back I built a really nice death certificate form for Mirebalais hospital. It uses JS to let you enter a series of underlying causes, but with just one “official” one. This may be a bit more than we’d need for version 1 in the RefApp, and I’m not sure if the required concepts are in CIEL or not.

Here is a simplistic form used only to test the markPatientDead tag.

There is work in UgandaEMR that has been done its on our demo server. Will try doing a PR and see if it works.