How to open gsp files?

How can I open GSP files to view designs available. I am interested in project GSoC 2021: People Management - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki for GSOC 2021, but don’t know how to open .gsp files for the reference designs given on the page.

Thanks & Regards, Vineet Sharma

@vasharma05 can this help

are you looking for the gsp code or you simply want to see how things designed with gsp appear at openmrs

we also have some information that you might need to know about GS0C 2021 here GSoC 2021- Guidelines for interested students

I found the gsp files, but wanted to see the designs, but couldn’t figure out, how to open it in linux, checked internet as well, then thought, the designers who made the files, can help me out better.

I read these guidelines. just wanted to view the designs for the projects put up this year. Thanks!

This page was really helpful. Thank You @gcliff !


At the same time, take off some time and read about the Model View Architecture and how to render out put on .gsp pages using a Java framework like Spring. Take an extra look at the controller part of the project though u should look at other parts as well.

PS Remember to also look at how data from the DAO is displayed on these groovy/gsp pages.

Personally i learnt about gsp pages via Java using maven, spring, hibernate with MySQL as my persistence SQL. You can take a look at the openmrs-module-coreapps, you can look at its structure.

As a quicker alternative, you can use YouTube tutorials to create a simple Java Web project with the CRUD operations and use gsp pages to display the output.

I wish u luck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you @jnsereko ! I will surely follow your suggestions. Thank You.

Just a quick note that gsp files are Groovy Servlet Pages. They’re basically code, not design files and, for the GSoC projects, we generally don’t want to replicate the existing look and feel, but rather to modernise the UIs using the Carbon Design System. See the OpenMRS 3.0 Wiki page for the project style guide. Note that we don’t really have any designs done for what the administrative pages should look like.

Hello @ibacher ! Sorry, I assumed it as designs. My bad. Thank You @ibacher for clearing out. I had some doubts regarding proposals. As you are a mentor and I really wanted to connect to you, can I clear my doubts in the comments here, or can you please tell me where I can connect to you.

Thanks & Regard, Vineet Sharma

Tbh, I’m not sure why I was listed as a mentor for that project, but I am around and try to help out where I can. Feel free to ask things in this thread or a new Talk post. That ensures that a) you’re not just relying on my availability and b) we have a useful record for the future.

cc @mozzy @grace @jennifer

Sure! I’ll post on talk and ask my question there, since it will be more beneficial to me and other participants who want to participate. Thank You @ibacher !