How to link server and openmrs through eclipse

Hi, I added new column in registration app but its not updated in mysql server. And I have to add it in patient dashboard. I made the changes in model class and hibernate mapping in eclipse but make the change set It is asking for a ID what is that id. And I committed the changes in my git repository. How to connect it to openmrs localhost and in mysql database.

To run your changes on openmrs and on the DB you’ll need to navigate to the webapp folder under “Base directory” in your run configurations window and run mvn jetty:run.

Please elaborate more how you are making those changes in the liquibase changeset. You could as well share link to the ticket or PR you may have made or even screen-shots

I have installed openmrs sdk in a seperate folder not in webapp folder. I have not made changes to the liquibase because of they are asking for Id . I have made the changes in the open mrs core app and have updated it as an eclipse project. How to proceed further? Could you please tell the steps.

@sushmaupadhya OpenMRS core has a folder within it named webapp where you can run the command above. You can have a look at how to run openmrs through this [LINK] (

or use this command mvn clean install openmrs-sdk:run -DserverId=myserver where myserver is the server name you gave it while installing the sdk, use this LINK for more precise guidance

I also still don’t understand when you say

Are you working on a ticket or something else?

No I am not working on a ticket because I updated registration app but its not updated in db then I got solution in talk. They replied that to update the liquibase but I saw that you added this. And how to take ticket and how to working on it.

What I added above is how to run your changes with openmrs and on the database and Yes, to have changes in the DB and on openmrs you’ll need to modify the liquibase changesets to create fields in the tables.

I hope the changes you make are in the eclipse IDE although I don’t understand why you may need to login to make changes to liquibase if you are working on eclipse

any help with this @dkayiwa @ruhanga @mozzy

Just in case:

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@mksd I think the main problem @sushmaupadhya is facing here is some kind of logging-in before making changes to the liquibase changesets which I don’t understand is coming about

this is my liquibase-update-2.3.xml changeset I have pasted in pastebin

@dkayiwa @ruhanga any comment on this please.

This error log I got when I add the new widget in patient dashboard and run as maven build clean install. Please help me to fix the error. Thanking you.

Does it help if you delete this folder /home/nptel/eclipse-workspace/openmrs-module-coreapps/node and then compile again?

Still I got the same error.

What does this command return? npm -v

And this? node -v

node -v v12.10.0

npm -v 6.10.3

when I run mvn clean install on openmrs-core-module directory I got this error.

And when I import html form enrty repository in eclipse I got like this.
No marketplace entries found to handle maven-openmrs-plugin:1.0.1:initialize-module in Eclipse. Please see Help for more information.

Are you logged on using the root account?

No sir. In logged in user account.

Does it help if you uninstall and the reinstall node?

I have already uninstalled------------->reinstalled--------------->upgraded to latest version