How do I get PacsIntegration module working with OpenMRS Standalone?

I went through the PacsIntegration module. Could you please tell me how I could add this module to my OpenMRS standalone implementation and make it work (do I need to create any tables in the OpenMRS database)?

(I have OpenMRS standalone 2.2 version installed on my Windows system)

Thanks in advance!

As an aside – do keep in mind as mentioned to you previously, that OpenMRS Standalone is intended only for basic evaluation OpenMRS, and not for any significant customization.

For substantial configuration & customization of OpenMRS, you will need to use the “enterprise” installation method at

What you will probably want to do is create your own module and steal code from pacsintegration–or maybe fork the pacsintegration module and then start to customize it. The pacsintegration wasn’t made to be a generic module, but targeted for a specific implementation–though, by all means, feel free to use it if it works for you. I haven’t tested the module on OpenMRS 2.2 (we currently run it in a custom distribution with OpenMRS Core 1.10), but you can try. You will need to install all the modules it depends upon as well, which are listed in the module’s config.xml… looks like it just requires the event module, the old EMR module, and the radiology app module:

It’s possible the old EMR module is no longer needed… I don’t know if it is in OpenMRS repo, if not you may have to built it yourself.

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Thank you!

dear @vundamat, just wanted to tell you that the [openmrs-module-radiology][1] is intended to be a generic extension to openmrs to provide Radiology Information System capabilities and connect to a PACS of your choice, since @mogoodrich pointed out that pacsintegration was not intended to be generic :smile: We are still stuck on openmrs-core version 1.9.x at the moment but are working hard on improving the module! Please feel free to join our efforts and discussion at:

Just tell me if you need any help in setting it up :smile: [1]:

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Hi all thanks for all contributors.

i had configured dcm4chee 2.18.1 with weasis and oviyam.

can u help me on configuring openmrs radiology module with dcm4chee.