How do I get access to

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To get JIRA access you need to request on

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Hi, @darius

How long will I wait when I request access?

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We aim to resolve this kind of tickets in less than 48h :slight_smile:

To try to summarize information, since people ask about this all the time…

Your OpenMRS ID does not (automatically) let you log in to JIRA and Confluence ( and You must manually request this access.

Why? Unfortunately, bots and people were creating a lot of spam content, so we are forced to require you to prove that you’re human, and you want to log into the wiki or issue tracker for a legitimate purpose, and a human must approve this.

What should I do? Go to, click on Create a New Case, and ask for access to the wiki or issue tracker, explaining why you want access.

How would I know to do this? We have a banner on JIRA like this:

On Confluence non-logged-in users see this on the home page:

@jwnasambu this is an example of a response that you can transfer to the wiki as part of our documentation.

@dkayiwa thanks bro