How do I configure the tabs shown in the Consultation screen in the Clinical app?

I want to remove Treatment and diagnosis and Disposition . how to remove this.

See this wiki page about the extension.json file in the clinical app:

Treatments and Diagnosis and Form that div , I want to remove (I am using vagrant box in ubuntu machine)

The screenshot you have shared is the patient dashboard in the clinical app. You configure this in the dashboard.json file in the clinical app, and that is documented here:

If you’re adding to the dashboard you’d want to look at the linked wiki page about Display Controls, but since you’re only removing you might not need this.

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I am using inside section tag json


but condition and Radiology Order unable to remove.but its loading time all tags are loaded after hide which secction json have used “hideEmptyDisplayCOntrol”:true that is hide

If you want to remove a section, then you would remove it from the json.

E.g. if you want to remove Radiology Orders, then remove your equivalent of these lines:

dashboard.json File have Comment is not working

i am doing like that

/* “diagnosis”:{

how to fix location in bahmni like (subcenter or General Ward ).

I want to fix login time fixed location.


I am not clear about what you mean by fixing a location? Do you mean that at the time of the login you want to show some location as default?

Also this question is not relevant to this thread. Please post questions relevant to the title of the thread or create a new one.

Hi @darius, I wanted to do something similar but can’t locate the extension.json file. Can you help me with that?