how to Change Bahmni EMR login title Change

Hi, I want to Change Bahmni EMR login title Chnage to Clinical Login

how to patientDashboard diagnosis and lab result i want to hide that tabs

Hi @govindsharma, Refer to the above link for changing the title Text.

For diagnosis tab : Remove this privilege for the user app:clinical:diagnosisTab

For Lab Orders Tab : Remove this privilege for the user app:clinical:ordersTab

You can change privileges from the openMRS login => Administration => Users

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“homePage”: {

“header_text”: “Lucknow Hospital <br /”,

“logo”: “/bahmni/images/bahmniLogoFull.png”,

“title_text”: "NHM "


“loginPage”: {

“logo”: “/bahmni/images/bahmniLogoFull.png”,

“showHeaderText”: true,

“showTitleText”: true,



“helpLink”: {

“url”: “



I have change then also I am getting same login Screen

Hi @govindsharma,

You have edited the title text for the landing page/home page. The screenshot you have shown is of the EMR Login Page. To edit the text of the header and title of the EMR login page, you must edit the concerned locale file at var/www/bahmniapps/i18n/home

You will have to edit the following:


"LOGIN_PAGE_TITLE_TEXT": "Title text",

Thank you .

I have sucessfully change title of bahmni login.