How do I add new encounters to a visit?

Platform Version: 1.11.3 Build 03b68a OpenMRS: 2.2

Hello everyone,

Still discovering OpenMRS (on my own) in preparation for a more “formal” test of the system in a small Togolese hospital (hopefully starting in the next 3 months).

Following advice gathered in this forum (thank you Mark, Darius, Andrew and Michael!), I am working with Platform version 1.11.3 Build 03b68a completed with the full package of modules that make up the Reference Application OpenMRS 2.2. It looks very promising… I can see more and more precisely how it will be beneficial for the team (and the patients) in the Togolese hospital that will soon “test drive” it.

I have a question, though…

  • I have not been able to enter new Encounters to a Visit (besides Visit Notes and Vitals). Am I missing something obvious ?

@dl1 the idea is that out of the box OpenMRS does not include much medical content (only vitals, visit note, and admission/transfer/discharge forms), and you need to add your own forms with the actual content.

You would create forms using either the HTML Form Entry or the XForms module (in the OpenMRS 1.x UI), and then attach them to the UI per these instructions.

Hi Darius,

Thank you for your reply. But, under the “original” interface, one can in fact create visits, then attach Encounters to visits, then attach forms (and observations) to encounters… Isn’t it the same anymore under the reference application interface ? Is the idea of an “Encounter” gone ?


The Reference Application user interface does not allow you to create a generic encounter and add generic observations to it on the fly. In the legacy UI this was always intended as an administrative interface, not something that an end-user should see in a properly-configured system.

The idea of an encounter with obs is still there, but you need to create them by filling out a form.

Ah ! That certainly clarifies the process. Thanks ! Am I wondering if there is a document I should have read before asking such trivial questions.


I guess you should read the OpenMRS 2.x Implementers Documentation, at

But I don’t think we have the philosophy written down anywhere.

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