how can we prevent login issues on jira/openmrs id

Hello all :slight_smile:

I was just unable to login to jira and since this happens from time to time was wondering if there is something we can do to help improve this?

Migrating our Atlassian suite to separate, adequately sized servers and improving/simplifying OpenMRS ID.

New hardware resources (Jetstream) arriving 1 April.

We could use some more volunteers with sys admin skills on the infra team, since we’ll be migrating most of our infrastructure into Jetstream.

First, I’d like to thank you for the being kind and constructive. It’s really appreciated by me :slight_smile:

There are several different problems with the current versions of ID we have.

  • We need people to move components to different boxes. If you are willing to learn ansible/docker and help @chagara, that would be awesome.
  • We need atlassian suite to be upgraded. It requires some sysadmin skills, and patience.
  • We need someone to investigate how to identify spam users, and delete them.
  • We need someone to take over dashboard ID from @r0bby, understand all the problems we had with v 2.1.0 ID Dashboard 2.1.0 has been released!, fix it. From the 1st of March, after a couple of hours running, the sign-up button would stop answering (and modulus could not be accessed by a couple of uses too). It’s in node.
  • Before redeploying 2.1.0, I’d be quite happy if I have someone fixing the eternal timeout LDAP problem we have with our current ID version.

If you feel there’s anything you can help, please let me know.

Hi @cintiadr,

of course! Thank you for your work!!

I took on a lot of tasks and want to focus on openmrs-core/radiology right now so I will not take on one of these issues. But I am doing a short lunch/introductory presentation at work in beginning of April and a hackday on the 22th April and will tell people if they have skill/interest and time for infrastructure work this is definitely an area where help is needed.

The only thing I wonder, I assume there are some tasks that only trusted community members will be able to do since they will get access to credentials. Are all the issues you presented of this type? Or would it for example help if someone with Atlassian experience is there for advice and can be contacted by a community member which does the actual upgrade?

Which the exception if the dashboard (which is code committed to github :slight_smile: ), all of them require some level of access to our infrastructure.

I don’t really have details on the dashboard, I can tell you that current dashboard is flakey and times out, and newer dashboard stops working after a while (why is the big question).

The good thing is that there’s some granularity we can control on those things (for example, if you are upgrading JIRA you just need access to the machine running JIRA, not all of them). In order to investigate the spam users, it’s probably a matter of giving rest api access and so on.

So, this is the kind of work that might be hard for a student, but it could be somewhat fine for someone with a little bit more experience. :slight_smile:

I’ll handle migrating the ID dashboard server. Not deploying 2.1 until the community actually tests it. I tried to do get QA – very few even looked. It’s too critical of a tool to just deploy. This is the kind of thing that frustrates me to no end.

Also deleting LDAP groups is not possible right now – We can do CRUD – in other words, we can create and read but not update or delete. Deleting would be an extensive operation. Pull requests welcome, WITH TESTS!

:point_up: @cintiadr

Sorry @r0bby for the frustration. If i would like to test it, how and where should i go?

First, I have to actually fix the issues that I know about…not sure when I’ll get to it

Do not worry. Take your time. I just wanted you to know that i will be available to take a look whenever you will be ready. :slight_smile: