How can I contribute?

@dkayiwa I received responses from when I submitted that form but, I’m looking into contributing as fast as possible :slight_smile: The biggest I can help is with some documentation while I get my feet wet understand how openmrs works. I already started helping translating for the Spanish language.

Thank you so much @chagara! :smile:

Yes helping with documentation is one of the awesome ways you can contribute! And there are many others like testing, organising events, project infrastructure & IT support, guiding others looking for information on the wiki, etc. So you do not have to be a developer in order to contribute. And for developers, you do not have to be an expert. Something as simple as a spelling mistake correction is still regarded as a worthwhile contribution! Never forget that, every little way you contribute, will make this a better world as it results into the saving of even more lives! :slight_smile:

To everyone, you are warmly welcome to ask anything, however simple or small, that you need to get started!

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awesome :slight_smile: how can I get started in doing documentation as a starting point? after that I’m willing to do more.

@chagara it is very exciting to get you onboard! :smile:

Can you start by taking at look at this:

And this:

@dkayiwa I looked at those links but, how do I start getting access to confluence, jira and update documentation? I can start with drafts and have you guys approve. I know some of the docs I had read have not been updated in a couple of years and I’m willing to start there.

I can grant you access @chagara

awesome :slight_smile:

You have access now.

thank you for helping :slight_smile:

No problem.