Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Hello, everyone. I’m Michael Healy, joining the OpenMRS community from Colorado to help with fundraising to support the community’s important work around the world. My experience over 15 years with academic institutions includes developing partnerships with foundations and government agencies to increase fiscal stability and advance research and other programs. I’m eager to share my experience with this community to advance its efforts,. I look forward to collaborating with community members to initiate and grow partnerships with individuals and institutions that share OpenMRS’s commitment to improving health and health equity around the globe.


Hi, I am Aayush Arya, a Analyst in Digital Marketing, Blogger, and Search Engine Optimization. I am graduate with B.Tech in Computer Science from Galgotia College of Engineering & Technologies. I love listing music and playing cricket.

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Hello everybody. My name is Michal Fotyga and I’m a software engineer from Poland. Few days ago I went to a java conference in Krakow (where I’m living right now) called Devoxx and was really inspired by a Wolf Schlegel’s talk about OpenMRS. And so I am here now, hoping to be able to contribute a little bit of my skills to this great project. Professionally, I am a java developer with an experience in a telecom and now finances industries. Time to learn about health now :blush: It is nice to meet you all!


Hi everyone,

I 'm Bambang Lim, just recently join the openMRS and want to know more on how to contribute.

I live in Jakarta, educated in California, and currently looking for jobs as Software Developer / Tech Support or Project Manager.

I have years of experiences as ( most in Banking domain ) J2EE developer, Jasper Report, C# ( for Reporting at IOM ) and recently i was a Technical Project Manager for a local Hospital ( 27 branches ) in Indonesia in charge of the TelerRadiology projects and HIS upgrade.

My last job was as Assistant Manager of Quality Control ( for 3 months only and also for Banking related business ) Since I have not done coding for a year and I want to refresh my knowledge, I want to get the input on which or how to start with openMRS ?

Thanks a lot and Happy 4’th of July


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My name is Cha’gara and I been working in IT over 7 years. I worked for around 2 years in Health care systems. I mostly work in linux environments. In the last couple of months I have tried to be more involved in open source projects and be able to provide help. I’m not much of a developer and barely done anything in java before. But, I can learn pretty quick. I must say I love how you guys got your confluence page. Is one of the most organized and awesome looking I ever seen! I came across this project when I was learning about the discourse forum project.


A warm welcome to everyone who has ever introduced themselves on this thread!!! :smile:

Is there any one who wanted to contribute but somehow failed finding how to start, or just got frustrated due to some reason, or anythings else?

Or tried out this form but never got a response? http://openmrs.org/help/

Please use this thread to ask where you can best be used.


Hello everybody, myself Sattam, and I intend to contribute towards information management, automation and IT transformation in health care systems in lesser developed and financially challenged society/environment while growing in knowledge, skills and experience. As a newbie will be looking out for all help and support. Currently battling my first build of OpenMrs. Looking forward to a fulfilling journey.

Warm Regards, Sattam


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Hi all,

I’m Nishen Peiris, a computer engineering undergraduate from Sri Lanka. This is my first open source experience. I hope to enjoy contributing to OpemMRS.


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hello everyone :). I am from Soldevelo IT company from Poland. We provide IT charity projects for charity organisations.

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Hello Everyone,

I’m Charana Udugama. I’m a Computer Engineering undergraduate from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. I’d like to work with you all and I want to contribute for the OpenMRS community.

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Hello i am passionate aviator and an advocate for technology currently a masters student of Artificial intelligence/Data science and working with a Robotics company known as Fundi bots in Uganda as atech admin, i am glad to be part of this community, i was introduced to OpenMrs in 2014 and would like to contribute in Gsoc 2017 next year


Welcome .its an amazing place here

Hi everyone. My name is Fariz Ichwan. I’m from Indonesia. I am new here and I hope we could cooperate and collaborate for the goodness of this community.

Warm Regards, Fariz

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I’m Bino Yohannan. I’m from New Zealand and working for a software firm. I have development background in Java. I would like to support community projects like OpenMRS in my spare time. its my first day with OpenMRS and I hope I can pick up with the help of you guys.

Regards Bino


This is a Great Community :slight_smile:

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Hi, I am Shrikant Dange and I am working as a Software Developer with Bitwise, Inc, Richmond VA. I am really excited to become part of OpenMRS by contributing to it. I would appreciate if I get any advice regarding the same. I am sure this will be an very interesting and fun filled journey.

Regards, Shrikant Dange



I am Valentin, based in Chisinau, Moldova. I’m interested in working for opensource software and this is my first experience of this kind. I worked and have experience with Java, HTML and JSP.

Thank you, Valentin


Hi, My name is Atwine Moses, I work as a Systems Administrator at the University of Kisubi, I also head the ICT technical department. Have been at it for 3 years now… I am glad to be a part of OpenMRS and I believe in the cause of OpenMRS. I am a developer I do web based information systems and use more of PHP. I can say am an expert at MySQL and would be ready to dig in at any given time. Looking forward to meeting you all. Cheers :slight_smile: