Helping with QA

Hi @shining, are you interested in supporting Quality Assurance in the OpenMRS community?

Hi Grace,

I am in an account but decided to stay in the Beach channel because I helped to generate on-boarding materials when there was a complete change of TWers. So I feel it’s my responsibility to answer any questions from new OpenMRS TWers. In short, I am afraid that I don’t have the capacity to support QA much.

Are you having trouble with finding developers or only improving quality? I can help with generating ideas to help OpenMRS organise itself.


Hi @shining,

Welcome to our community! I was so pleased to see your post and hear about your interest in helping TWers find their feet.

While we have some “Getting Started” documentation for developers, it is not always the best starting point for non-technical contributors or developers who want to know what specific projects they can contribute to and how to get connected with those working on it.

@rainbow is currently leading our efforts to revise and update our “Getting Started as a Developer” Guide. Alongside this effort, @madhens is helping us develop a suite of volunteer guides that will help anyone coming to our community - from TW or elsewhere - get involved. This could include resources such as how our community is organized, the conventions that guide how we work together, and how to find a project or a ticket to work on.

If you are interested in contributing to these efforts, I suggest joining these two Talk conversations and consider joining our Documentation Team.


Thanks @jennifer @grace for extracting this draft

Hi @shining ! Would be so happy to have more ideas and involvement on the volunteer guide suite, especially from someone with your experience and background! I’ll be at the Documentation meeting tomorrow, and will make a point to link whatever documents/Lucid charts I’ve made to my Talk conversation.

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Hi Monica,

After talking to my current team, I don’t think I have enough capacity to help OpenMRS right now. I will reach out to you when I do.

I hope your meeting today will be successful.