Help Wanted: OpenMRS Documentation

Hello everyone,

My name is Kaylin Bracey (@kaylinbracey), a technical writer and member of the Documentation Team since March of this year. We are currently looking for contributors to improve OpenMRS’ documentation on the Wiki. This will help new and current members navigate our community more efficiently. One of our most recent projects have been the Team/Squad Project Pages. So far we have updated the Documentation Team, Quality Assurance Support Team and Dictionary Management Squad project pages thanks to contributions from members of these teams.

Our goal is to recruit at least 1-2 members from each team/squad to attend our weekly Documentation Team meetings and help them improve and maintain their own documentation. Our meetings are on Thursdays at 10:30 pm IST | 8 pm Nairobi | 7 pm Cape Town | 5 pm UTC | 1 pm Boston | 10 am Seattle. We still need assistance from members of these following teams/squads:

  • Strategy and Operations Team
  • Technical Action Committee (TAC)
  • Project Management Team
  • Global Events Team
  • Microfrontends & 3.0 Frontend Squad
  • Analytics Engine Squad
  • COVID-19 Response Squad
  • Platform & RefApp Maintenance Squad
  • Website Design Squad
  • Academy Squad

Another idea the Documentation Team had was in addition to our weekly meetings, we host monthly workshops where members from various teams can come for additional help regarding their documentation. Is this something members of the community would be interested in participating in? Let us know in the poll.

Would you Participate in Monthly Documentation Workshops?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • I don’t know

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This would be an exciting opportunity for anyone who wants to get involved. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in this thread. Thank you to the members from the QA support team (@christine, @kdaud), Dictionary Management (@hadijah315) and Documentation Team (@eddjomo) for your contributions to the Project Pages. It is greatly appreciated!

Cc Team/Squad Leaders: @jennifer, @grace, @gracebish, @christine, @jdick, @akimaina, @dkayiwa, @zuzanna