Help regarding an issue and local development setup

I just found an issue which I think I can work on [ADDR-122] Add a REST Interface to the Address Hierarchy Module - OpenMRS Issues .but what I want to know is this issue an introduction ticket and in this repository readme doesn’t tell anything how to run it in your local machine as well or any other requirement so can anyone help me out with this

hi @aryangypta05 introductory tickets are normally have label intro right HERE .

Did you get a chance to look at this-community-conversation about introductory tickets?

But that does not stop you from continuing if you have enough muscle :grinning:

About dev env setup, did you find this helpful Set Up Development Environment (Backend) - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki ?

Hi @thembo42 i have a doubt like can i use Vscode for backend development in openmrs as i documentation it tells to use IntelliJ

yes you can(can be corrected)

It’s worth noting that the choice of IDE is largely a matter of personal preference, and what works best for one developer might not work best for another though am not hitting myself a nail on foot concerning the documentation, that is why you will need to consider community conventions(if it works best in certain use cases, then you will have no choice)

Note that java has specific IDES that work with its architecture welp

Otherwise vscode You can also install other plugins that are specific to OpenMRS, such as the OpenMRS Syntax Highlighter.

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Hi @thembo42 when i was setting up the backend openmrs sdk in my machine at last step after running this mvn openmrs-sdk:setup i got this error

can you help me out with this pls

Same issue here…

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hi @aryangypta05 hope you set password for root user and appears on prompt or the db user with priveieges.


  • you need to ensure you have installed MySQL 5.6 database and its running.
  • Now by default , MySQL creates a default user root, but with no password.
  • you’ll ensure , you create a password for the root user in your MySql , and use the same password to setup the server database connection.
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