Help address OpenMRS tech debt and update core library dependencies

We are submitting a grant proposal for this opportunity to help clean up some Tech Debt, especially by updating library dependencies in openmrs-core.

See here for more details:

This is a call to find individuals or companies organizations who would be interested to work on this project, in a paid capacity, assuming our proposal is funded. You would roughly full-time for at least 3 months, under the guidance of @teleivo.

If you are interested, please give a short reply to jobs[@] with the subject line of “DIAL OSC Dirty Jobs”, ASAP (e.g. by June 8). We will structure our proposal based on who replies here.

If you’re an individual, please indicate:

  • why would you be good for this job (this can be brief, especially if you’re known in the community and/or have a developer stage)
  • what timeframe are you available
  • how much would it cost for you to work on this

If you’re responding on behalf of a company, please indicate:

  • how many people, for how long, at what cost, are you proposing?
  • Specific individual(s) with OpenMRS experience you’d assign to this if known

Please note that the entire budget we submit, for “2+ devs, roughly full-time, for 3+ months” can be a max of $25,000. (E.g. 2 devs for 4 months at $3125/dev/month.)


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