Apply for DIAL OSC Catalytic Grant? (May 2018)

@teleivo, please post a link to a Google Doc here. I’ve created a template you can use.

We need to add a NOTICE file to openmrs-core and any modules that might be involved in the work. I’ll start a separate thread around this.

FYI – deadline has been extended to 15 June.

Following up on this:

  • The deadline has been extended to June 15
  • We have had some interesting suggestions here
  • @teleivo has volunteered to write a longer description of his proposal
  • @burke has shared a template

Next steps:

  • If you feel strongly about an idea, then make a more detailed version of your proposal by filling out the template mentioned in the previous post, by end the end of next week, and share a link to it on this thread
  • On June 4 I will consolidate the links to all the detailed proposals, and assuming we have more than one people can vote here in this Talk thread during the week of June 4-10.
  • On the June 11 Project Management call we will review the state of proposals and votes.
  • If there is no obvious community winner, then participants in the Project Management call will choose. (So, attend this call if you have strong opinions!)

Hello everyone, I’m Maciej Neumann and I work with @jslawinski for SolDevelo. We’ve talked about this grant and we think that maybe it would be better for Sync 2.0 project that we, as SolDevelo, apply for it. It could gave OpenMRS chance to get two grants instead of one and we’ve already have a blueprint for proposal, based on our Digital Square submission:

We don’t want to do anything without your knowledge, so I would be grateful for your opinions about it.


In the instructions they say:

Project leaders should coordinate applications within your open source community, and submit only one single proposal per open source project, representing your community’s best idea

So I don’t think this is a way to get two grants instead of one.

Yes, I think covering those aspects of Sync 2.0 are in-line with the themes.

In their broad guidelines, they include these examples of things they’d want to prioritize, which Sync 2.0 could satisfy:

Proposals to start new multi-stakeholder collaboration for new features or strategies of existing projects.

Proposals to re-invigorating dormant projects of high potential value.

From reading the website, though, I personally think it’s a stronger application if we pitch improvements related to cleaning up the core platform, versus finishing off a promising (but-not-yet-deployed) tool.

But it’s not just up to me; others should share opinions of which proposal OpenMRS should choose to prioritize for this round.

Reminder that if you want to write up a proposal, you should do so by the end of this week. (You can interpret that liberally as “before Darius wakes up on June 4”.)

Here is my proposal (have made it read-only for now, I can/will allow people as editors as needed)

Regarding the requested amount. My wish would be to work on this with at least 2 other developers that work roughly full-time for at least 3 months. I will donate my time. I could give ~1 day/week from September on, less if we start before.

Looking forward to your feedback, thanks a lot! ivo

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Thanks @teleivo for the awesome work! :slight_smile:

Regarding this comment “we need to add a to repos involved”, do you mean adding to module repositories?

thanks :slight_smile:

I forgot to remove that comment, its still copied over from the original template from burke.

Thanks for doing this @teleivo! Maybe you should make your google doc world-commentable.

My suggestions:

  • give some indication of what modules we would focus on ensuring work with the refactoring. (Or were you thinking it would just be opt-in?)
  • maybe say that if extra time is available we’ll do an analysis of upgrading to Spring 5.x

Since time is tight, I have gone ahead and done a call for interest on the #implementing:job-board here:

Basically, I’d like to hear who would be interested in working on this, and what they cost, so we can figure out the budgeting.



I did in the “Please describe the risks” section. I would like to figure that out with the community as I dont know for sure what the best approach is. Either we just pick the reference application or we create our own list/distro of modules (what are the most commonly used modules?). And yes, we could additionally do opt-in to reach out/work together with module devs. This way they could also directly benefit from for ex. Junit 5, …

Most commonly used modules looks right. As in those which are used by almost every distribution, like emrapi, webservicesrest, fhir, owa, idgen, etc

@teleivo I spoke with @darius late last week and offered to help get a budget setup for the submission (since he is out on holiday this week and next). Would you like to work on that together? Or any other aspect to prepare for the submission? What can I do to help? :slight_smile:

Hi @janflowers, we have until the 15th and I dont have much time. The

Amount Requested: (US Dollars, maximum $25,000)

is not yet filled out. Would you be able to fill that in?

I can add you to the editors of the proposal I wrote, if you send me your email.

Also I dont know who is going to submit the form, if I should do it I would like to submit on the 14th to make sure we dont miss the deadline.

Thank you very much!

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I’ve made some comments on the document about how to phrase amount of FTE needed and over what timeframe each activity would occur (in months). I’m looking for input/edits from others. It would be really helpful if someone could list out how much dev & QA FTE is needed for each task and how many months we are proposing to work on it with that level of FTE. Then I can write up a quick narrative about the budget requested for @teleivo to submit the proposal. :slight_smile:

Time is short, so…Help?

I have added my estimations. At anyone, feel free to double check/question them. However, we should hand in tonight!

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Proposal successfully submitted with @teleivo as the contact. Thanks to everyone for the ideas and contributions! We’ll see what happens. :slight_smile:

Either way - we should consider adding these things into our roadmap and finding partners to help spearhead the work.

Awesome :smile:

Thanks @teleivo, @janflowers and anyone else who contributed to this!

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Yes, thanks @teleivo and @janflowers!

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The DIAL Open Source Center informed me that our proposal was not selected. :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks a lot to @darius for pointing me to the grant and @janflowers for all your work!

This should not stop us from doing the work to improve OpenMRS :slight_smile: And we can still apply for a grant in another round.


Thanks @teleivo for the communication. Did they tell you the reason why? Am asking simply for self evaluation, just in case there is something we need to improve on.