Guidance/help/suggestions for creating (grad) student assignments

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I don’t think I have access to that ticket! Not sure, was it done by someone already?

I created the project :slight_smile:


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@cintiadr and @dkayiwa, I just created a Bamboo plan for Attachments (here). So how does that work to have a webhook GitHub -> Bamboo?

Also, could anyone of you add the Travis CI service to this repo?

Ok disregard my question about Bamboo, it seems that it sniffs all OpenMRS GitHub projects anyways.

It’s polling by default :slight_smile:

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Just added the attachments module to our travis CI

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Hi @mksd,

One of the tasks mentioned in the module Attachments- Itemised roadmap google sheet is to use bootstrap where applicable like the main page perhaps the gallery widget. Can you please share an insight for this task in order to create a detailed description for the roadmap? One of the question arises as in what does it mean to use bootstrap(instead of or along with angular JS)?

Hi @nishigandha,

Thanks for looking into it!

So the background is that switching to Bootstrap styling is on the Reference Application’s roadmap. In that light, we would like Attachments to be as compliant as possible. Your analysis will tell what is it that should be done (if anything).

This is the ticket for the Ref App:
RA-1285: Make the clinician facing dashboard responsive using Twitter Bootstrap

You should probably start by reading this thread: ‘Kickstarting Integration of Twitter Boostrap for Ref App UI for 2.6

@ssmusoke I’ve volunteered to work on the documentation for this module. Would you kindly specify what I should be adding or updating? Also, should I just update the file, or is there anything else that I should touch?

I assumed that anyone can work on any item in the roadmap sheet as long as it available. I only have to claim or assign myself the task. Am I correct? Or, do I have to have permission from someone before I can work on available task? Best regards to everyone.

Hi @oslynn Yes everybody can grab issues, certainly. By now the spreadsheet should be obsolete though and all issues available in the new JIRA installation here. If you self-assign a task there, then we have traceability. Kind regards, Birgit

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, @twinkleflip for your reply and JIRA link. After I finished with OpenMRS-SDK code review, I will look through the JIRA to see which one that I will work on. Very Respect, Otts.

I am looking into assign myself a task of debugging openmrs-module-attachment module using either Netbeans or Eclipse. Where can I find the good info about how to debug (or configure the log/trace) the OpenMRS-SDK and Module? If someone have specific step-by-step procedure of how to configure IDE and where to set the breakpoint on the first entry point of the the module and OpenMRS-SDK, would you please let me know and I would appreciate the info.

Very respect to all. -Ott Sathngam

P.S. I am sure, @mksd (Dimitri Renault) can shine the light to this.

Hi @oslynn, thanks for digging in!

There is nothing specific about Attachments regarding the debugging process with any IDE. It’s an OpenMRS module like any other. So would you mind describing the steps that you have been taking and where you got blocked?

What part of it where you trying to debug?

Hi @mksd, thank you for your reply. I cloned the attachment module and imported into eclipse. What should I do next to be able to set breakpoint somewhere in the module and start the debug? Do I need OpenMRS SDK or the standalone version to be installed before I can run load and run the module? If I need OpenMRS SDK to run and load the attachment module, should I install the module and start the debug with SDK and set breakpoint somewhere in the module to see it will break or not when I access the module? I am looking into the ATT-13 and would like to assign myself the JIRA if possible.

If my question is not clear, would you please let me know how do you debug the module?

Very respect, -Ott Sathngam

@oslynn, ATT-13 is a story that demands some requirements analysis work, it is not ready to be worked on right away. Are you interested to dig into the requirements analysis? This may require the design of mockup screens, research online… etc etc.

If you prefer to get hands on directly, there are a couple of lower hanging fruits:

  • ATT-1 - Enable rotation of image documents
  • ATT-2 - BaseComplexData.getByteArray(ComplexData) to handle PDF content
  • ATT-3 - Introduce a compatibility class wrapping ObsService.getComplexObs(..)
  • ATT-6 - Thumbnails should not be generated for (already) small images
  • ATT-8 - Display the thumbnail with rounded corners in the upload widget
  • ATT-9 - Distinction between upload and delete permissions

The following two are less straightforward since they will require more design and analysis. ATT-4 is a very important ticket as it is a prerequisite to making Attachments RESTful:

  • ATT-4 - AttachmentResource to upload and download file content
  • ATT-10 - Ability to display “remote” documents located through an URL

You should definitely open a new thread about your questions regarding debugging modules. That topic is not specific to Attachments and answers to your question(s) there will benefit the wider community.

Let me know when you have selected a ticket and we’ll follow up on JIRA about it.

@mksd, thank you very much for your advice. I will certainly consider assign myself one of the above ATT ticket. I will also open the new thread regarding the module debugging procedure. Thanks again, sir.