Guidance for GSOC 2020

Hello everyone, I’m Rishav Dhar ,a 2nd Yr student. I am looking forward to contribute to this Organisation for GSOC 2020.Since I’m new to open source…It would really be great if I get some guidance regarding how should I proceed for gsoc. As of now, these are the things I’m done with :

  • Read the Getting started page and installed the OpenMRS server in my PC.
  • Tested the system on both locally and to getting familiar with the platform.
  • Read the android client user guide to understand the native behavior of this android application.
  • Forked the Android project to my GitHub and cloned and Built it on my local Android Studio to Run it on my Android phone.
  • To access the currently available Issues section I have requested the access details from the help desk.

There are a lot of issues in the JIRA with status’s like, “Ready for work”,“In Progress” and few more. Will my selection of issues to solve be irrespective of what the status is?

@iamrishav may be this can help

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Hi @iamrishav,

Better to start through this also : GSoC 2019: Warm up practices for students :slight_smile: