GSoD Follow Up- OpenMRS Wiki

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Hello everyone. I hope everything is going great.

As you might know, During GSoD, As a technical writer, i was working on Project titled OpenMRS Review and Refactor existing Wiki to be more User profile driven. Now we are implementing that work and rearranging information architecture of our Wiki.

This thread will be used to communicate updates and progress regarding work. Please reply to this topic if you want to help us in improving UX of our Wiki or have any suggestion.

@jwnasambu @herbert24 @gcliff


Thanks for sharing ! I will be glad to be part of this.


Just a reminder, Maybe due to your other responsibilites and holidays season, you forgot to share your opinion about the Welcome Page. Can you please do so now?

Kindly let me send it tomorrow, actually I haven’t had a holiday I was occupied by GCI tasks to cover up mentors who were in holiday.

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Oh. Let me know if i can be of any help in that case?

And no problem. You can review it when you’re free. :+1:

@marslan8530 Am working on it I had programmed to hand it over tomorrow and I will stick on it. Should I include the changes on the google document?

Sure. And you may share your email if you are having problems accessing the document.

Thank you everything is okay.

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@marslan8530 Am humbled! to be honest, I have read it over and over and I just wanted to be sure of what to comment on. I need your help on “Additional links”. When I follow the cited links on that section, am directed on some pages which the content is not matching with what am looking for. Is that the information we have as openmrs and what could be your advice?

Maybe they have been removed or moved to different place. We can remove them if that is the case.

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They are very important links we shall look for them and fix . Thank you for the good work done!!. Since you are the boss what is the next assignment?

Well we will have to look up to the content and improve its quality but i’d say we first be very clear about the organization of content. Then we can decide whether that content is to be updated or not. Also to get rid of outdated pages should be on top of our to-do list. You may update this page on Wiki with edits you have made if any.

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I second you. Just waiting for your guide and assignment my mentor.

Please do so. And i hope you had time to go through Work Report. Make sure you read @burke comment on Resources Space Document..

Wow! I had not seen this. Is it okay we have a call to confirm on somethings before I kick off?

Sure. Let me know about the timing?

I can’t tell your time zone is it okay now?

@Aee I had not seen the time. Kindly let us do it tomorrow at 8pm EAT if you don’t mind but feel free to suggest your convenient time.

No problem. 8 is fine. Uber conference page might be occupied, we can use skype. My id is @marslan8530

Thank you .

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