Gsoc2023 android

Will anyone from android get selected in Gsoc?. I wanted to know if someone has just 3-4 contributions. Would that be considered

All potential candidates who will submit strong proposals on the project ideas listed here have higher chances of being selected by GSoC.

The emphasis is not on the number of commits but rather on submitting a strong proposal however, having commits done on respective project idea increases your chances of being selected.

Hey @kdaud I was writing my proposal. It is mandatory to have at least 2 contributions. I have raised 2 PRs but they are under review as from last week there is some issue in the login form backend. So @elonshubham was not able to test it. Is it ok if I mention only the PR in the contributions.

Having work done and putting up PRs around your project of interest makes your application strong and increases your chances of being selected by GSoC

actually I was confused between code contribution and PR review. I guess PR reviews are only for mentors right?

@kdaud Do I have to give my proposal to @rishabh997 for review?

Any one can do code reviews on others PRs.

Checkout bullet number ~ 3

@kdaud submitted my proposal. I know its late but I hope someone from community will review it.

cc: @rishabh997 @elonshubham