GSoC 2023 Contributor Application Period Is Open

Hello :openmrs: community

This is super exciting →

The GSoC contributor application period began today at 18:00 UTC and will go through until 4th April 18:00 UTC.

What should the potential GSoC contributor do?

  • Checkout Summer of Code 2023 - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki and confirm that the project idea your interested-in is among the available projects.

  • Checkout the GSoC Application Template and work on it’s requirements.

  • After working on the application submit your application to GSoC Dashboard for mentors to review your proposal and provide you with feedback. Note: → You can always edit your application and update it on the dashboard as many times as possible during the application period.

Note: Do not wait to submit your application at the last day, the earlier the better so that you get feedback from the project mentors which you can work on and make up a stronger application before the deadline closes.

GSoC’23 potential contributors, this is your time :smile:

/ cc: @jayasanka @jennifer


Reminder to all potential candidates that the GSoC 2023 Contributor Application Period will be closing tomorrow 4th April at 18:00UTC

Ensure to submit your application to GSoC Dashboard before the deadline.