GSoC quick start guide.

Hi everyone. I created a GSoC quick start guide here Just like @permissionerror did for GCI. Would anyone like to give a suggestion or corrections for the guide?

cc: @suthagar23 @f4ww4z

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Good work @devanshk09, I think, since each year we have new projects/ideas for GSoC, the instructions should be specif for each year. You should rename it to something like GSoC 2020: Quick Start Guide. And also it would be great if you provide links for previous year projects so that students get a better overall idea

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Thanks @prathamesh009 I will update it soon.

Done :grinning:

good one bro!

there is 1 grammatic issue I found: and location based to location-based and also give the correct link in this chat since when I click the link it goes to a page not found

thanks @ajeymuthiah for notifying. I corrected that grammatical error and link.

Great, Can you include these details as well?

Done @suthagar23 thanks you can tell for further enhancement if any. :grinning:

@devanshk09 wlc