GSoC 2024: O3 User Onboarding

Hello everyone, I’d like to take a moment to share and clarify some details regarding the O3 User Onboarding project of GSoC 2024, along with some tips for crafting your project proposal.

This project is focused on creating a step-by-step user onboarding process for the new users of OpenMRS, essentially functioning as a tutorial mode or product tour system. So when a new user logs into O3, or when a user navigates to a page that has not been visited previously, it should trigger an interactive guide that will take the user through the features of that specific module/page and introduce those.

For this, we can use things like tooltips, highlighted areas, pop-ups containing text/images/short videos, hotspots, progress indicators, and more. For a better user experience, we can add functionalities like displaying the number of remaining steps, granting users the option to skip the onboarding processes or individual steps, and enabling them to retrigger the tutorials as needed.

You have complete freedom to suggest your approach to implementation, including the libraries and technologies required for your solution. But, it should be implementable on any O3 module and should be easily extendable to all O3 modules.

For the project proposal, we recommend including a small demo with a sample implementation using a selected O3 module (or any other method). Additionally, you can choose an O3 module and outline specific steps that could be highlighted during the onboarding tutorial.

We have already created some designs for the O3 User onboarding process, which can be found here: O3 Zeplin Designs (Refer to the “Tasks – Onboarding” section). You can gain some ideas from these designs. (You can find the Zeplin login credentials here)

Furthermore, we are planning a Zoom session to address any questions you may have about this project. Please join the session prepared with your questions to clarify any doubts. The session is scheduled for 2024-03-18T13:00:00Z. The Zoom link will be shared with you shortly. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Note: The above-mentioned session is dedicated for answering questions related to the O3 User Onboarding project. There will be similar sessions for other projects as well.

cc: @jayasanka @dkigen @farhan.ikbal @ayeshag7 @issackwan @njiddasalifu @senthilathiban @p_radip @vivek @okononfuadavid


Thanks @piumal1999 for the clear information and what is expected as a result. Looking forward to the meeting.

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Thanks @piumal1999 well noted, would really appreciate this session👍 would be in attendance for this.

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Thank you @piumal1999 for organising a session on this topic.

Would be looking forward for the session!

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This session will be really helpful for getting a clear understanding of the project. Thanks, @piumal1999!

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Hi all,

You can use this link to join the Zoom session: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Date and Time: 2024-03-18T13:00:00Z

Thanks for the meeting today @piumal1999 thanks for your time🤲

Thanks @piumal1999 @jayasanka for the session today. Kindly remember to drop a link to the recorded part of the session. Happy Coding!

Here’s the promised recording of the session! A big thank you to all who attended. :heart: Don’t hesitate to post any project-related questions in this thread.

Recording Link


Hi @piumal1999 @jayasanka How to join as a QA automation Engineer for this project?

Hi @nethmie,

This project is primarily centered around frontend development. If you are interested in applying, you can refer to the instructions mentioned here: GSoC 2024 Contributor Application Period is Open!

Just to clarify, this is a project offered under GSoC 2024. Therefore, we will be selecting only one student for the entire project, rather than multiple students for different development roles.

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@nethmie if you are interested in software QA/automation tests for OpenMRS in general, you might want to check out our online QA Academy course: Intro to O3 Quality Assurance Automation –


Thank you @piumal1999

I’ll check on that. Thank you @grace.

Hi @piumal1999 @jayasanka I’m reaching out to share a user onboarding demo project I’ve been working on and would greatly appreciate your feedback before moving forward. The project emphasizes enhancing user experience through streamlined navigation and clarity. I’ve implemented a centralized state management system using React context, facilitating seamless access and updates to application-wide state without prop drilling.

Your insights would be invaluable, especially in the context of my GSoC proposal. I’m eager to contribute to the community and look forward to your feedback.

Demo Link:

Thank you for your time and consideration.


@madhumac The demo looks nice. Good luck with your proposal!

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@piumal1999 can I still join to this program

Hi @dulina,

I’m sorry to inform you that the application period for Google Summer of Code ended on the 2nd of April. However, you can still contribute to OpenMRS projects! To learn more, please refer to this wiki page: Guide for the New and Curious

can I still join to this program

GSoC applications are closed for this year, but don’t sweat it! You can still get involved and make a difference with OpenMRS.

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