📣 GSoC 2024: First Evaluation Coming Up!

Hello GSoC Champions!

I wanted to give you all a friendly reminder that our first evaluation is coming up soon on July 8, 2024.

Submitting Evaluations in the GSoC Dashboard

Please make sure to read through the section about evaluations in the GSoC student guide to familiarize yourselves with how these evaluations work towards your project period. You can refer to these examples of questions to get an idea of the types of questions you’ll need to answer for each evaluation:

Importantly, if you do not submit an evaluation within the given timeframe, you will fail and be removed from the program. Similarly, failing an evaluation means you are immediately removed from the GSoC program. Please note that the deadline for submission is on or before July 10, as we need enough time to finalize the evaluation before the deadline.

Demo Video

To help us evaluate the progress of your projects, we kindly request that each of you create a short demo video showcasing the work you’ve completed so far. To get some idea, checkout last year’s demos for reference.

Please don’t forget to post your video as a reply to this thread so that your mentors and fellow students can provide you with feedback and support. We’re all here to help you succeed!

For mentors, please submit your evaluation by July 11, 2024.

Additionally, please ensure that your wiki pages are up to date with links to all resources and progress.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the OpenMRS community. We’re so proud of you and can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’ll accomplish! :heart:

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Nice work everybody

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In this presentation, I’ve shared the GSoC work I’ve completed so far, including a demo video.

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Hey everyone. Here’s my short video for the mid-evaluation :


@vijaykv Good work mate, nice video could clearly understand what you are talking about it was a good presentation. Maybe something you could think about during your testing phase is to align your testing with any use cases that you’ve been working with to generate your workflows. Just thought… Keep up the good work


Great presentation, really good work. Looking forward to seeing how the date and time validation work progresses. Keep up the good work


Hey everyone! Here’s my presentation for GSoC 2024 project for the FHIR compliant offline first Android application.

PS: It’s 12 minutes long I’d recommend to watch at 1.5x speed :smiley:


Hi !!

here is the presentation video of my GSoC project Validating and updating the OpenMRS patient Flag module.


heylo everyone ,

Here’s my Mid-term presentation for GSoC 2024 project : Integrating the Connect For Life’s Messages module into O3.

See how far its taking shape :wink:

Demo Slides link

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Hello, check out my midterm presentation


Very amazing work, well done @senthilathiban @lumuchris256 @jexsie @vijaykv @manojll @parthfloyd.

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