GSoC 2023: OpenMRS has been accepted as a mentoring organization!

Dear :openmrs: Community,

As GSoC Admins, we’re very excited to inform you that OpenMRS has been accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2023 :partying_face:

Google Organization Page

We extend our sincere appreciation to everyone who got involved in the org application process.

Let’s make GSoC 2023 even better by;

  • Engaging motivated GSoCers with the right skill base and who have keen interest in becoming a part of our community for the long term engagement.
  • Having committed mentors with the appropriate skills and experience.

Next Important Dates:

  • February 22 - March 19: Potential GSoC contributors discuss application ideas with the Community.
  • March 2: OpenMRS Webinar for potential GSoC contributors
  • March 20: GSoC contributor application period begins
  • April 4: GSoC contributor application deadline

GSoC Project Page: Summer of Code 2023 - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki

Super excited for GSoC this year! We look forward to working together as we take OpenMRS to greater heights.

/cc: @jennifer @jayasanka


thanks @kdaud for the efforts

Thanks a lot!.

Please could you explain a little more this part of the process:

Thanks again!


During this period, potential GSoC contributors are encouraged to discuss project ideas with the OpenMRS community. This is an opportunity for students to get feedback on the project ideas, learn about the needs of the OpenMRS project, and find potential mentors who can guide them through the application process.

The OpenMRS community is made up of experienced developers, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders; who are committed to improving healthcare through the use of open-source software. By discussing project ideas with the community, potential contributors can tap into this expertise and gain a better understanding of the goals and priorities of the project.

To participate in these discussions, students can post their project ideas on the OpenMRS forum or engage with the community on other communication channels, such as the OpenMRS Slack workspace. They can also attend community meetings and events to learn more about the project and connect with potential mentors.

Overall, the goal of this phase is to help potential contributors develop strong project proposals that align with the needs of the OpenMRS project and have a high likelihood of being accepted into GSoC.


Thanks @jayasanka for the detailed explanation :heart:


you might want to look at this @deb


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