GSoC 2022: Microfrontend the OCL Module - Requirement Gathering

Hi everyone, I am interested in the Microfrontend the OCL Module and reduce backend dependencies project on this year’s Google Summer of Code project list. I went through the project description and some other related threads, and i have some doubts about the project specification and the aim. So, I created this thread to clarify those doubts i have about the mentioned project.

  1. As i understood, the aim of the project is to microfrontend the open concept lab module which we have in here. And the existing Rest API will be used with some optimization. Am i right?

  2. Do we already have any wireframes/zeplin designs for the proposed microfrontend?

  3. Is the OCL client app beyond the scope of the project?

Realted threads:

cc: @ibacher @hadijah315 @jwnasambu

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@piumal1999 As you reach out to get more information on this project Microfrontend the OCL Module and reduce backend dependencies Kindly get in touch with @sunny to see the way forward. He has been working on the back end project and I believe he has intentions of working on it during the coding season.

I also have interest in this project and I was able to get clear workflow and expectations from @ibacher of which am open to share with you then we compete at the end.

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Yeah, @jwnasambu. It would be really appreciated.

Is it okay you also look at the requirements of this project Convert to a JSP OMOD. so that when we meet we can share the ideas? Besides feel free to get more content from @ibacher.


That’s correct. There’s also a start of the work here.

No and we won’t have any wireframes or designs for this, since as an administrative tool, it’s less user-facing. Honestly, the requirement are very simple and should be easily convertible into Carbon using standard components.

Yes. The Dictionary Manager is an entirely separate application, though contributions to it are most welcome!


Hi @ibacher, I created a draft project proposal for the project “Microfrontend the OCL Module”. If you have time, could you please take a look and give your feedback? I gave you the view permission for the document. Let me know if the permission denies.

Thank you