GSoC 2022: Improving 3.x E2E Tests - Project Updates

Hi all! I will be working on the project ‘Improving 3.x E2E Tests’ for Gsoc 2022. The project will produce a reliable and deterministic end-to-end test framework for the 3.x. This thread will be used to update the community about the project’s progress.

For more details - GSoC 2022: Improving 3.x E2E Tests - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki

Project proposal - GSoC 2022: Improving OpenMRS 3.x E2E Testing Framework (latest) - Google Docs

Epic link - [O3-1313] Improving 3.x E2E Tests. - OpenMRS Issues

Primary mentor - @jayasanka Backup mentor - @bistenes

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great work @pasindur2 hope you follow up with @ibacher. He might have an idea on how to raise the visibility of 3.X tests

You might also find OpenMRS 3.x Requirements Rubric (QA Spreadsheet) an interesting resource too.

cc @zacbutko

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Thank you @jnsereko for the suggestions.

Project Update -

Milestone definition for the project - Milestones for the Project of Improving 3.X E2E testing Gsoc 2022 - Google Docs

Update- Created a PR to change the configuration and update the readme guidance to the local instance test backend for 3.x E2E testing. link

cc: @jayasanka @bistenes @qateam