GSoC 2021 : Project/Mentor Brainstorming

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Hi all , As we are approaching the end of November , its a good time for the community to start brainstorming ideas/potential projects for Google Summer of Code 2021.

Following on the success of more than a decade of involvement in Google’s Summer of Code initiative, OpenMRS once again plans to apply as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code™ 2021 , and we are looking forward to identifying potential project ideas and mentors for GSoC 2021 as part of the organization application process. The organization application is due **on January 29, 2021 ** , so we would like to get as many projects fleshed out by then. If you have any ideas for projects , and/or would like to volunteer as a mentor , this is the time and place to get those discussions going.

Note the key changes in GSOC 2021

  1. Shortened coding period - The coding period is reduced to 10 weeks from 12 weeks.

  2. Raduced Project Size/time .Starting in 2021 , students will be focused on a 175-hour project over a 10-week coding period instead of the previous 350-hour projects

We should have a larger number of projects + mentors compared to the previous years, as this year we can get more students on board.

Note @burke suggets we aim for ~140 hours - 8 weeks of coding and at least 2 weeks for releasing, deploying, testing, documentation

GSoC 2021 timeline,

  • January 29, 2021 - Organization Applications Open
  • February 19, 2021 -Application Deadline
  • March 9, 2021 - Organizations Announced
  • March 29, 2021 - April 13, 2021 - Student Application Period
  • April 13, 2021 - May 17, 2021 - Application Review Period
  • May 17, 2021 - Student Projects Announced
  • May 17, 2021 - June 7, 2021 - Community Bonding
  • June 7, 2021 - August 16, 2021 Coding Period
  • August 31, 2021- Results Announced

please see the full Timeline here .

For more information on project timelines and expectations for primary and backup mentors , please refer to the OpenMRS GSoC 2021 wiki page . The wiki page will be updated with the list of projects and mentors as they are identified.

Previous GSoC Projects

GSoC projects can be new modules/OpenWeb Apps/projects, involve enhancements/new features for an existing module/OpenWeb App/project, or PoC work for an idea, but should have the following attributes:

  • Must involve coding(Major part) and be OpenMRS-related ideas
  • Clear objectives and requirements
  • A minimal viable product can be completed in 6-8 weeks (allowing time for bug fixing, documentation, and getting to production).
  • Meaningful contributions to the community
  • Involvement of at least one motivated product owner (e.g., implementation) eager to use the project’s output
  • Should have some features which may give a chance for design, coding, testing, and documentation as well as analytical thinking and creativity for students.
  • Available mentors (If don’t have, we can get it later)

New Project Ideas

If you have any new ideas which are supposed to be initiated through GSoC 2021, please go ahead and arrange a Design forum for it or post it in the Talk and get the community opinion on that ideas. (You can contact any of us, and invite our community also).

Creating a GSoC 2021 Project Page

  1. Browse to unassigned projects on the wiki or have your own idea
  2. If there is already a wiki page for your project or very similar project, update that page instead of creating a duplicate. If you need to create a new project page, please choose the “Project Page” template.
  • Project name *: Foo Bar Project ← by convention, end your page title with " Project"
  • Primary mentor *: Your OpenMRS ID / TBD
  • Backup mentor *: TBD
  • Assigned to *: TBD
  • Abstract *: 4-5 paragraph(s) describing the background, purpose, motivation of the project. Make it exciting! The more interesting your project sounds, the better the applicants you will get.
  • Sample use cases *: Provide 2 - 5 sample use cases which need to be developed. It should be simple which could able to understand by a person who doesn’t have any experience with OpenMRS.
  • First Task : If you have any simple task(which can be completed with in 3 - 5 days) related to your project, mentioned that in here. It can be a JIRA issue or any PoC. You can use to evaluate the capability of the student for that project ( Optional - But good to have)
  • Project champions : name one or more product owners (who will use the output?)
  • Required Skills *: list the skills required to apply (e.g., Java, React, Angular, REST, HTML/CSS, basic SQL, etc.)
  • Objectives *: A short list of what should be accomplished during the summer
  • Extra credit : list any nice-to-have features or approaches
  • Dev Tracks * : Include GitHub URL and JIRA URL of the project
  • Resources *: include links to any wiki pages, Talk discussions, websites with related/helpful info
  1. Add page label: gsoc2021
  2. Add a link to your project page and proposed mentor below.

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see Innitial ideas from @burke

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