GSoC 2021:Modernizing Admin Dashboard

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Hi, I’m interested in this upgrade admin dashboard. So I begin to gather and discover the basic requirements for this project and going to keep this thread updated

Project wiki page - GSoC 2021:Modernizing Admin Dashboard


Overview and Problem Specification

Currently, there is an old user interface in openMRS and there are some issues with it. Those below mentioned issues are the current issues, I have found the finding of my background research

  • Fonts type and topic arrangement are ambiguous and uncomfortable to view
  • white spaces are too much
    • The gap between the main menues
  • faulty alignment and grouping
    • topics and subtopics are not properly align and grouping


In my opinion, the openMRS admin panel will be easier to use by enhancing their user experience. To increase it, I think it can be done by troubleshooting the above

Next steps

I will try to find more requirements for improve admin dashboard

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Hi, @bawanthathilan, Would love to work with you over this. Do let me know if you need me for any part of it. Thank you.

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Awesome. now I can be finding what are the requirement need this project. you also can find the requirements

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Sure mate.

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@mozzy @burke hei folks do you have any further input on the specification of this project cc @jennifer @grace

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these are the main requirements to improve this ui

  • Keep the interface simple.
  • Create consistency and use common UI elements.
  • Be purposeful in page layout.
  • Strategically use color and texture.
  • Use typography to create hierarchy and clarity.
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This is a great initiative, you can count on me, anywhere needed. Thanks @bawanthathilan !

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thank you :smiley:

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Hello everyone, I am interested in the developing and upgrading the ‘Admin Dashboard’. I am currently looking through the codebase and getting familiar with the structure. I worked with technologies required to build this project. Help regarding the GSoC participation would be highly appreciated. Thankyou.


greate :smiley: