GSoC 2021: Administration Dashboard - Harshit Shukla

Hi all,

My name is Harshit Shukla, and I am a sophomore at BITS, Pilani, India. I am delighted to be part of this community; seeing a large community and codebase has given me much experience. I want predominantly to be a part of the MFE squad. I have learned a lot regarding the project and its goals.

Currently, I am planning to be a student contributor in GSoC 2021 under OpenMRS to contribute better. I am well-versed with Micro frontend Architecture, Java, React, TypeScript, and JavaScript from prior experiences. Given all of that, I feel myself an excellent fit for the project: [Administration Dashboard] (GSoC 2021: Administration Dashboard - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki), Under Modernising Administration functions for OpenMRS for GSoC 2021.

I am starting this thread to gather more insights on the project and sharing my ideas with the Project Mentors, GSoC Admins. Also, I plan to draft my proposal and prepare UI/UX for the project so that it looks the best.

I have gone through the project requirement and want to know more about them!

Thank you for reading this out. I appreciate your efforts in running this community.

Cc: All GSoC Admins, Project Champions, and Project Developers at MFE squad. @grace @jennifer @herbert24 @mozzy @ibacher @burke @bistenes @florianrappl @dkigen @dkibet @jdick @mksd


thanks @harshit151001 for your interest in GSOC 2021,Feel free to ask any questions here and thanks too for starting up this thread

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Hello, I have already opened a thread for this subject here if you are interested: GSoC 2021:Administration Dashboard


Hi everyone,

I am overjoyed to tell you that I have shared my draft proposal for Admin Dashboard on GSoC website.

It would be very beneficial for me if you provide your valuable feedback.

cc @grace @jennifer @herbert24 @mozzy @ibacher @burke @bistenes @florianrappl @dkigen @dkibet @jdick @mksd @dkayiwa

Looking forward for your feedback!