GSoC 2021:Administration Dashboard

Hello, I am Bejan Alexandru-Gabriel a student at university POLITECHNICA of Bucharest in Romania. I am currently in my second year of study of my bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering. At the end of winter I found out about the whole GSoc concept and while looking through organizations I fell in love with the community here and started working on some issues on JIRA.

From all the projects the “Administration Dashboard” caught my eye because it will allow me to work in an environment with micro frontend framework, which I find really interesting because it provides the opportunity for people to work on the same functionality simultaneous.

I have worked on some issues on JIRA, but I wanted to ask if you can suggest me some more issues that would prepare me for the upcomming tasks of this project and if you could provide me some documentation to get a more comprehensive undertanding of how micro frontend frameworks work.

I am really grateful that this project was accepted and I am waiting for more advice on how to prepare myself for this. Thank you for haring me out and I can’t wait to hear form you!

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Welcome! We suggest that you become more familiar with MF and the project before working on any MF specific issues. Luckily, we have a growing set of resources to help you do exactly that:

  • Explore the resources on the MF project page
  • Work through our draft Getting Started with MF Guide
  • Give us feedback on the Getting Started with MF Guide. Did I mention that this is a draft? Since this is an active WIP, your feedback is particularly valuable because you are in the ideal position to highlight where the gaps are and share additional resources that can help others get started.

From there, we can help you identify a good, intro MF issue.


Thank you very much, I took a sneak peak and the Getting Strated guide seem very well made and easy to follow.

I will be back with feedback as I will carefully proceed through the documentation.

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Hello I have a few questions about the project.

If I will be getting the appropriate module title along with a map of links by implementing a REST endpoint to communicate with the back end does this "* Extension point for admin functions to add themselves to the list" mean that my menu list will update itself depending on the privileges of the admin or is it something else that I am missing.

And secondly " * Retrieve the list of modules and add a section for each module using its title and showing a list of its admin pages as links that open in a new tab", opening in a new tab means that the main work space should support tabs, which are opened by clicking the options in the menu, or should the options overlap the previous page, or should they open in a whole new browser tab?

Thank you hearing me.

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Hello, Everyone.

I hope you are having a nice day and I wanted to inform you that I have submitted my draft proposal for the project Administration Dashboard on GSoC’s platform for review. It would be really helpful if you all could read it and share your feedback with me.Please leave in the comments on the doc any changes that you consider should be made to the draft and I will address them as fast as possible.

All your feedback and comments are really appreciated.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

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