GSoC 2020 | Improvement to OpenMRS DHIS2 Integration

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Hi everyone,

Creating this thread to discuss the community requirements for the OpenMRS DHIS2 Integration

This module is followed by the great work done in the previous GSOC project

The OpenMRS DHIS Integration Module gives a good overview of the module.

Please use this thread to mention specific requirements needed to be added to the project goals and any other changes needs to be done to the original project page.

This is also an invitation to potential GSOC students to look into this module/project and to start working on their proposals.

cc: @suthagar23 @dkayiwa


Hi @akshika47, I’m interested in this project. I went through the provided details. Could you please provide some references to understand how the reporting module works?

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Thank you very much for your interest. Please read the wiki page to have an understanding of the reporting module.

It would be good to install both the modules and see how it works. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you have with regard to installations and other functionalities.

Good luck.

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Hi @dkayiwa,

I checked Jira and there were a list of open issues under DHIS integration created around the time when this module was finished.

Are we using them as the goals of this project or are there any other specific needs required?

Hi @akshika47 and @heliostrike

Could you please initiate a design call for this project and will move forward with the community members? I hope @dkayiwa and other community members will attend to that call to move forward with this call. Better to schedule it as soon as possible within this week.


Yes @suthagar23 I will do that.

@heliostrike and @dkayiwa hat would be a good time to have the design call? I am free most of the time this week as I am working from home. Friday seems like a good day if both of you are free. I will adjust my time according to both of your availability.

Am available any time you want.

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Thank you @dkayiwa

I have set up a design call on the calendar and added @heliostrike @dkayiwa and @jayasanka for the meeting.

This has a high degree of importance in the COVID-19 pandemic and the CIEL dictionary has a lot of new concepts used by DHIS2 for reporting. Will the module work with TRACKER?

Tomorrow, any time before 14:00 IST (8:30 GMT) or after 17:00 IST (11:30 GMT) is fine by me.

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Count me too @akshika47


What is TRACKER? I googled for it, but its a common word. However, we probably want some capacity to send these data to DHIS2 on a shorter timeframe than GSoC.


I have create an informal design call tomorrow to get the ball rolling before the GSOC deadline at 12:00 PM GMT time. I will schedule a proper design call next week with everyone in the call.


After the Design call the following were decided.


  1. Gather requirements by communicating with the teams who have currently deployed the OpenMRS to understand the problems using the current DHIS2 Integration module
  2. Upgrade the UI of the module to be used with the Reference Application
  3. Upgrade the module to work with the latest version of the DHIS2 data model

Extra points

  1. Upgrade the UI of the module to be used with the micro frontend architecture

These are updated in the project page as well :