GSoC 2019: UI For Reset Password via Email Project

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Hi @harisu and @madushan, I have created a scaffolded app using the OpenMRS Yeoman OWA generator and made a few adjustments. Its still bare bones though, but this would be my starting point for the Password Reset UI. The link to my github project is link.

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Hi @harisu and @madushan, I just wrote my blog post for the first GSOC coding week. Here is the link

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Hi @harisu, sorry I could only review the mockup designs today as I had an emergency I had to attend to over the past two days. Looking at the mockups in my final proposal, is there any specific thing you’d want to change, or include, or delete from there, so I can produce the final designs with this in mind. Please let me know.

Hi @ryan97. The mockups on your proposal were actually well done they had the expected content that was needed. but sticking to the way reference application is designed will be great. Get a look the way the buttons and inputs are in the reference application and maintain that consistency. Also for the email template, I actually don’t appreciate the way it was presented. When You are done with the final template, Do upload them here.

Will do. Thanks for the reply

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Also as a follow up, if its not too much to ask, is it possible for you to tell me what aspect of the email template, if not all, which you didnt like. That would help me in the redesigning process.

And concerning the mockups for the ui, if the only issue was sticking to the style guide of the Reference Application, I don’t think it’ll be entirely necessary to redesign the mockup because although the mockups did not portray the exact styling convention that is consistent with the Reference App, I did intend to style the eventual app following those conventions. The reason the mockups did not follow them is because I used a free mockup tool which had very limited styling capabilities. I just wanted to convey a general idea of what I hoped the final product would look like.

If you take a closer look at the email template you will notice that it is not appealing enough, Well component wise it has all the sections that are required. I still think It will be good for reference purpose to have the designs well done rather than assume to have it only in the implementation. That will greatly improve and spare you some time in thinking when implementing. Just a little tweak to what you had should do.

Hi @harisu, I made a couple of changes to the email template to make it look more presentable. I removed the map representation because although I’d use a map api to find the location from where the request was made, I won’t represent this info as a map on the template. I’d just include the address as part of the email text(city and state). Also I removed the red button for the I did not make this request, and included it seamlessly as part of the email text. Please review the picture below and let me know if this is better.

Concerning the UI mockups, I further tried editing them but the mockup tool I am using severely limits me. Is it okay if i leave it as it is since the mockups possess the intended structure of the UI, and then while implementing, I’d include the styling conventions for the Reference App along the way


Great work ! keep up the good work and finish the blog posts weekly so you don’t miss anything to write :slight_smile:

Great work @ryan97 I have a little suggestion to make it more elegant. Can you add something like you are receiving this email. Shall we use Click on the button below to reset. Refer to this link if you could

Hi @harisu and @madushan, I am done with the initial designs for both pages of the OWA. Although I’m left to do a couple minor tweaks, I’d like for both of you to look at how they look like so far.

@ryan97, The design is coming out. Could you move the button inside the legend. Also instead of using camel case at the app bar for OpenmrsPasswordResetUI you should use the exact text like Password Reset no need having OpenMRS as its already on the logo. Then the button text for first form for requesting password should be a little descriptive like request password reset though it seems too long If you can come up with a better one it will be great. You might also want to include a message after the user request for email telling the user to check their mail. Increase the height of the input as well as the button. I will put more of these as reviews on github.

Blog post for week 3

Here are the links to the code repos. Openmrs-core and React app repo

Hi @harisu, I have updated both of the project github repos.

Hi @harisu, I have made more commits including the functionality of getting the users browser information. I succeeded in coding a system that would get the user’s browser name and version, computer type(desktop, mobile), operating system name and version. But I am facing an issue in passing these values to the setUserActivationKey() method so that they can be used to update the email template. The commit in my passwordReset branch of openmrs core adds 3 parameters to the above method, namely operating system, platform and browserName. These parameters contain information about the users browser and device and I am passing them to that method so that I can update the password reset template. I also made some code changes in the webservices module which to enable the password reset controller to receive the above browser details from the react app. I even printed out those parameters to be sure that everything works fine.

But when I pass the parameters to the setUserActivationKey() method from the password reset controller, I noticed that the version of the setUserActivationKey() method being referenced in the password reset controller is not the one which contains the changes I made. I dont know if it is a problem with branching or with spring. I know my question is a bit confusing but it would be helpful if you look at the commits while reading this so you make better sense out of it.

Thanks for the updates Ryan am happy you did gave some time to work on the project.well, I will look at it shortly and get back to you. Just whatchout on the review. The rest will be discussed during our meeting today and if possible we have a working session to fix some of those things. Second evaluation kicks off next week. Wee need to get done with this project soonest. Don’t forget to join the call or remind me if I forget.

Hi @harisu, I was able to resolve the issue we had on the last call. I also moved all the texts in the password reset file to the file as requested. I have new commits pushed to both my openmrs-core and openmrs webservices modules.

@ryan97 I have made reviews and requested changes on the commits, do check and clean them up as soon as possible.

Hi @harisu, just to be sure, we are not going to use the browser and device information from the user at all. Correct?

Yes @ryan97, and check the repo for both the owa I have commented on what exactly needs to be done.