GSoC 2019: UI For Reset Password via Email Project

Hi @harisu and @madushan, firstly I’d want thank you both for placing your faith in me with this project and I promise to do my absolute best to produce the best possible results come August 2019.

This thread is meant to serve as the main project discussion thread for this project. Link to project wiki page.


Congratulations @ryan97. Welcome to community bonding period :smile: Looking forward to a fun summer

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Hi @harisu, is it okay if I use the same blog I used for my gsoc 2018 participation? Or would you have me create a new one. Here’s the link to my previous blog

@ryan97 I see no problem with you using the same blog you already have so long as you share your weekly post link here.

@ryan97 Congratulations on your achievement :slight_smile: Looking foreward for a great summer of coding !!!

@harisu for our weekly meeting, I noticed you are not online on the IRC channel, let me know when you are available. I would just drop my updates for the week on this thread if that’s better.

Basically all through this week, I have taken time to study and am still studying react js as I feel that would be the technology of choice for the UI. I am currently taking a course on Udemy to that effect.

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@ryan97 It’s great you have started learning, Udemy is a good choice :slight_smile:

@ryan97 Great Don’t hesitate to reach out to me or @madushan or the community when you find anything blocking.

Will definitely do.

Hi @harisu and @madushan, I have created a scaffolded app using the OpenMRS Yeoman OWA generator and made a few adjustments. Its still bare bones though, but this would be my starting point for the Password Reset UI. The link to my github project is link.

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Hi @harisu and @madushan, I just wrote my blog post for the first GSOC coding week. Here is the link

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Hi @harisu, sorry I could only review the mockup designs today as I had an emergency I had to attend to over the past two days. Looking at the mockups in my final proposal, is there any specific thing you’d want to change, or include, or delete from there, so I can produce the final designs with this in mind. Please let me know.

Hi @ryan97. The mockups on your proposal were actually well done they had the expected content that was needed. but sticking to the way reference application is designed will be great. Get a look the way the buttons and inputs are in the reference application and maintain that consistency. Also for the email template, I actually don’t appreciate the way it was presented. When You are done with the final template, Do upload them here.

Will do. Thanks for the reply

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Also as a follow up, if its not too much to ask, is it possible for you to tell me what aspect of the email template, if not all, which you didnt like. That would help me in the redesigning process.

And concerning the mockups for the ui, if the only issue was sticking to the style guide of the Reference Application, I don’t think it’ll be entirely necessary to redesign the mockup because although the mockups did not portray the exact styling convention that is consistent with the Reference App, I did intend to style the eventual app following those conventions. The reason the mockups did not follow them is because I used a free mockup tool which had very limited styling capabilities. I just wanted to convey a general idea of what I hoped the final product would look like.

If you take a closer look at the email template you will notice that it is not appealing enough, Well component wise it has all the sections that are required. I still think It will be good for reference purpose to have the designs well done rather than assume to have it only in the implementation. That will greatly improve and spare you some time in thinking when implementing. Just a little tweak to what you had should do.

Hi @harisu, I made a couple of changes to the email template to make it look more presentable. I removed the map representation because although I’d use a map api to find the location from where the request was made, I won’t represent this info as a map on the template. I’d just include the address as part of the email text(city and state). Also I removed the red button for the I did not make this request, and included it seamlessly as part of the email text. Please review the picture below and let me know if this is better.

Concerning the UI mockups, I further tried editing them but the mockup tool I am using severely limits me. Is it okay if i leave it as it is since the mockups possess the intended structure of the UI, and then while implementing, I’d include the styling conventions for the Reference App along the way


Great work ! keep up the good work and finish the blog posts weekly so you don’t miss anything to write :slight_smile:

Great work @ryan97 I have a little suggestion to make it more elegant. Can you add something like you are receiving this email. Shall we use Click on the button below to reset. Refer to this link if you could

Hi @harisu and @madushan, I am done with the initial designs for both pages of the OWA. Although I’m left to do a couple minor tweaks, I’d like for both of you to look at how they look like so far.