GSOC 2019 : UI For Reset Password via Email Project

@ryan97 Open up this link when and instance of the server is running http://localhost:8080/openmrs/admin/maintenance/globalProps.form then set the host.url global property key value to the url you want to be redirected to which will be sent as an email when the user clicks on it. The link should be something of the form http://localhost:8080/openmrs/forgotPassword.form.

@harisu I used the link you gave me, http://localhost:8080/openmrs/forgotPassword.form, still I still got the same Internal server error. I created a new user, added an email for it, and tested the passwordreset endpoint, it provided an activation key for the user which is stored in the database, but i still got the Internal Server Error

@ryan97 Can you provided the server logs logs so we can find out what is causing the server error. ?

I am not having that issue am using platform 2.2.0-alpha and latest compiled master branch of the webservice.

And the corresponding email is

@ryan97 when did you last update and compile your webservices rest module? In other words, does your local copy have these changes?

@harisu here’s a link to the error log . For some reason it pastes the email content in the console instead

@dkayiwa yes I do have that commit available and I can see it when I do git log in the web services directory

Can you send me your compiled module?

@dkayiwa Here it is

I couldn’t upload the omod file here so I uploaded it to my dropbox. Sure you can download it from there

I have just run your module on my machine and it works well. Show me your screen via

Ok I am away from my machine at the moment, I’ll be available in like 30minutes. Does that work?

Ping me on irc when yo ready

Hi @dkayiwa, sorry I didnt get back to you on iRC as you said, lost track of time. Still available?

Ping me on IRC when you are ready.

@harisu Can I get you on IRC?

@ryan97 Yes Am available lets discuss there.

Hi @harisu and @dkayiwa I am interested in this project as well. I will love to work on it for GSoC.

Hi @wandji69, Great to know your are interested in doing GSoC with OpenMRS and this project in particular caught your attention.

@ryan97 we will try to go through this and get back to u soon :slight_smile:

@ryan97 doesn’t the official GSoC web interface have a provision for draft proposals?