GSOC 2019 : UI For Reset Password via Email Project

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@dkayiwa yes I do have that commit available and I can see it when I do git log in the web services directory

Can you send me your compiled module?

@dkayiwa Here it is

I couldn’t upload the omod file here so I uploaded it to my dropbox. Sure you can download it from there

I have just run your module on my machine and it works well. Show me your screen via

Ok I am away from my machine at the moment, I’ll be available in like 30minutes. Does that work?

Ping me on irc when yo ready

Hi @dkayiwa, sorry I didnt get back to you on iRC as you said, lost track of time. Still available?

Ping me on IRC when you are ready.

@harisu Can I get you on IRC?

@ryan97 Yes Am available lets discuss there.

Hi @harisu and @dkayiwa I am interested in this project as well. I will love to work on it for GSoC.

Hi @wandji69, Great to know your are interested in doing GSoC with OpenMRS and this project in particular caught your attention.

@ryan97 we will try to go through this and get back to u soon :slight_smile:

@ryan97 doesn’t the official GSoC web interface have a provision for draft proposals?

@dkayiwa I posted the draft there as well. I just was not sure who was going to get to see it and when, that’s why I decided to post it here too

@madushan I have added some mockups to the proposal. Not the best looking though :sweat_smile:, but I hope they convey the idea.

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@harisu, is there any reason for having the email text being printed on the console after the email has been sent? If not, I was thinking of removing it

Don’t remove it.

@harisu @ryan97, I am stuck at this point while testing forgot password. I have updated my database table with email as well as set the global properties. I kinda need help as I am getting the same error 404 responses.

Stuck at this point